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Recent content by peter taft

  1. peter taft


    Hi Guys. I just finished up designing the paper model to the Sunprobe, should be available for download here very soon. :thumbup: Front cover here:
  2. peter taft


    Here's my rendition of the Sunprobe as seen in Gerry Andersons THUNDERBIRDS productions. It seems like the up-loads won't accept .zip files :cry: , so how or where do i up-load to.... HELP ! please
  3. peter taft

    Thunderbird 2

    Hi guys and gals. Here's my start to the Gary Pilsworth Design of TB-2. The engines are my up-grade to the originals of his design - Gary's are good, but he's a busy guy and makes these designs very quickly and to be worked on and improved by the builder. I am still not sold on the Yellowish...
  4. peter taft

    Slotted Spine with Formers

    Hello one and all. For those of you new to this area of model building, i have created a picture based tutorial. This picture by picture method is sometimes easier to follow than mere words. This isn't the one and only method to do this type of build, but one i use in the main. The model this is...
  5. peter taft

    Pierre Fontaine's Fireball XL5 Up-Grade

    Hi guys and gals. I recently posted my First ever scratch built Fireball XL5. After she was completed, i wondered what could be done to up-grade Pierre Fontaines model. I have put a cockpit into this one also, and added other details too. Hope you like the W.I.P !
  6. peter taft

    Colour query ?

    Can anyone please tell me what colour {see attachment} Is there a Humbrol paint or a mix for this ? All help would be very much appreciated :yes:
  7. peter taft

    Skydiver 1

    It's me again with another paper model build. This one is from the same stable as the TB-5 - Gary Pilsworth designs. The model has some great shapes to work through, and one that i really enjoyed building. Hope you like.
  8. peter taft

    Thunderbird 5

    Hi Guys and Gals. Here's my build of Thunderbird 5. The paper model was designed by Gary Pilsworth. Sorry about the low quality pictures.
  9. peter taft

    FireBall XL5

    Hello everyone. I am a newbee here, and must say i am really enjoying looking around at all the marvellous things here. I wont swamp you with my stuff, just put a few W.I.P's to show what and where i am at. My love of Fireball XL5 and not being able to get hold of much in relation to her, is...
  10. peter taft


    Hello to all you guys and gals here. I have only just found this site, and must say that you have a GREAT place to live :thumbup: I don't know if this is the right place to post my introduction, but i am sure that Admin/Moderators will move the thread to it's proper location. I am 52 years old...