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  • Hello, Pat - I do hope you and yours are well! :)

    I've received overnight (local), via an outfit called, an e-mail message with your name. It states there is a file included, that appears to have no content in it...

    Out of an abundance of caution, I have not attempted to open it yet. I thought it best to contact you first in order to verify the e-mail's authenticity.

    Looking forward, as always, to hearing from you!

    Best, as always, Terry S :)
    :2c: :#:

    Pat! Was with relatives overnight Tue (local), and am just getting caught up now I'm home...

    Lots of birthday cake and presents all round for you (and, no baby alligators in the tub! :sneaky:), on this special day of days!!

    :hungry: :beer: :jest:

    Best, always,

    Terry S :yes:
    sorry I forgot tell you all,, they are just image's I picked up over the year's so I can learn how to do it , Because No video's on you tube...
    How can a whole year have passed? :think: (Something I find myself wondering! :D) Still and all, here's your big chance to start off a brand-new one, freshly unwrapped - ENJOY IT!! :#: :cheers:
    Hi, Pat - Just saw your PM. Thank you. Thought something like that, might've been the case (happens to my brother in his workplace, every so often!)...

    A day of rather mixed emotions; tributes popping up everywhere...

    Stay in touch, as you're able, my friend!
    Hi, Patrick -

    Here's wishing happy-holiday greetings to you and yours! :santa:

    My Thunderbirds fan-fic will soon be finished, and I'd very much like to send you a short preview; but, so far as I can tell, e-mail setup here doesn't seem to allow attaching a text document (eg, MS Word ). Suggestions? :?

    Much of California assured of a White (or, at least, rainy) Christmas - a welcome gift indeed, after 4 years of drought!

    Pls feel free to reply either here, or via PM if you prefer... :lol:
    Hello Patrick, hope your doing ok, i got your message about about you bringing your eagle to work and am happy your co-workers were impressed. I would love it if you send me the new photos they took as they would be a big hit on my facebook. You can send them to this E-mail. also i would like to share with you what one of my followers said about your build. "I keep reading 44" Eagle and 224.00 USD and I can't even reconcile those statements. And then I look at the finished photos and I have to pick my jaw up off of the floor. Please pass along my amazement and respect for his amazing skills and workmanship." Bill Greene

    Thanks again Sincerely James E Bible
    First- a Happy, Happy Birthday!! :E: Here's hoping Your Day will be all you're hoping for!

    (Progress report: one chapter done, two more very nearly done, remaining three well in progress...! :yes: Stay tuned... ;))
    :eek: I've just seen your latest (30/Sun) PM - surprised, and delighted - thank you, thank you! :dance: :dance:

    (Will be sending a more detailed reply, via PM, in due course...)
    I totally agree Patrick. . . I respect superb scale models like the art you build and RC flying models like I build. . . . The two compliment eachother.
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