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  • Dear Mamas,
    Canadian Mike here I see you are build another SKy1 I missed out on buy a kit from you any chance this might happen.
    Hello RCNut,
    Apologies for any intrusion - I have a couple fo questions regarding the Shado mobile - would you be able to help me at all? I have a couple of questions regarding the shape...

    If you can help could you email me please


    Brilliant work logs, I really like browsing your threads, modeling as it should be, as it sets a standard that I would be happy to try for myself.
    Dear Mamas,well it's the begining of the New Year and
    as promised I am writing in to remind you to start casting
    up new parts for the 3ft Skydiver kit that you owed me
    quite some time ago.I'm sorry I was not able to commun-
    icate with you about it sooner,but due to technical difficulties beyond my control,some smart-alec hacker tried to hack into
    my account here in the forum and steal my identity.

    So I had to change my password to something else to regain
    full control of my account and my ID again and believe me
    it was no simple,easy task.

    Please send me your reply if you receive this message.
    Could you please start casting the new parts early this
    week,it's so that I will be able to track of when I had
    sent my message to remind about it,thank you.
    Dear Mamas,are you still making the 3ft Studio-2
    Skydiver model kits and do you still have the 3ft
    Skydiver model that I had won from you on E-Bay
    not too long ago?

    I am sorry that I was not able to keep in touch with
    you about it,but because I was kicked out of E-Bay
    by a troublesome seller who I was dealing,through
    no fault of my own,they had broken off my connection
    with you.

    Joining the Eagle Transporter Forum to find you was the only
    way I can restore contact with you,without crawling back to
    E-Bay to do that.I just can no longer trust those guys who run
    it anymore.

    Could you please send me a reply if you have any info about it?
    Please believe me,I am not trying to cause any trouble to you.
    I would really appreciate it if you can do that.

    Thank you.:)
    Hey RCnut
    I got word you might be able to supply a decal set that would work with the Studio Models 3ft Skydiver? I've been working on mine for a LONG time, (over a decade!), but this is one nut I've failed to crack! If you have a set, please let me know how much you'd part with them for!

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