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Recent content by Rhapsody_Angel

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    Thunderbird 1 pilot seat - parts identifier

    Anyone help out with identifying the original parts used to make TB1 seat please? The knobs, levers, microphones etc. I know the long knobs for seat tilting were Morris Minor indicator stalks, but the others are puzzling me. The black knobs under Scott's forearms I can see in my mind, but no...
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    Thunderbird One pilot seat

    Hi all, Please can anyone throw any light on the source of the quilted leather/leatherette on seat front of T1? It's the red quilted material, and it's not the usual diamond quilt pattern. I believe it's referred to as onion quilt pattern. Do you know if it was taken from car trim? Handbag...
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    Angel Interceptor seat blueprint

    Hi all Does anyone know of or know where I can get hold of a blueprint for the Angel Interceptor ejector seat, please? Many thanks