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Recent content by rocketman

  1. rocketman

    NECA Cinemachines

    Anyone else clocked these? Mines on pre order now!
  2. rocketman

    Part identification help required please guys

    Hi guys I need help Id 'ing a part for the laser tank. Its the round dish shape part. left hand side above the Airfix CMS LOX tank disc. I thought it was a Airfix lunar lander pad at first but its too big. Also looks too flat to be an EMA dome from the wheel covers. I have the two parts that...
  3. rocketman

    A question of authenticity

    Hi Gang can I have your thoughts please. I was working on the laser tank last night and came to sticking the Bismark deck piece on the top. It looks awful but it was there on the studio kit so on it goes. The part number is showing, do i leave it or rub it out ? Im thinking on teh studio model...
  4. rocketman

    Eagle laser tank. Help Needed please.

    Hi Guys Im trundling along quite nicely on this wee beastie and ive hit a snag. The supply of Airfix Warspite kits has dried up and im stuck. I need the hanger section from the warspite that goes on the top deck shown below. Does anyone have a spare or can cast up the part for me please ...
  5. rocketman

    Double Studio size Terrahawks Battletank

    Hi Gang Just re started this old monster. Its so damned big it gets used as a workbench half the time! Was going to start on the upper structures and side sections when I realised that due to the size just drawing the lines on wasn't going to work. So out came the scalpel and the .5 mm...
  6. rocketman

    Need some parts for a laser tank build guys

    Hi all Just about to start my build and need some bits. I have everything else I need except the two command modules from the Saturn models and the small discs with the ox tanks that get stuck to the cabin. Does anyone have some to sell or can cast me some please.
  7. rocketman

    Still after a laser tank beak ....

    Any suggestions, the trail seems to have gone cold..
  8. rocketman

    Sub studio size SHADO MOBILE

    Hi All Been a while since Ive posted anything and as the Mobile Project is moving on at a lick thought Id post up for some feedback. As the title says its sub studio scale, for two reasons , one being Im a r/c tank modeller normally and these tend to be 1/16 so I wanted it to fit with the...
  9. rocketman

    Laser Tank Beak

    Still trying to source one, anyone know of best contact for these please guys? K
  10. rocketman

    Shado mobile part question

    Hi All sorry have searched forum and cant find the answer. The caterpillar track section that is used just behind the cab on either side, sits in a small cut out under the main vent cut out, whats it from please? Ta K
  11. rocketman

    Laser tank beak?

    Anyone got one I can buy please?
  12. rocketman

    Another R/C SHADO Mobile... almost

    Hi you lot. Wonder if you can help me. Decided to build a Mobile myself but was going to use some existing tracks that I already had from a Tamiya Pershing . As it was going to be r/c it didnt bother me that the tracks were incorrect pattern. I just scaled the Tank to the width of the tracks so...
  13. rocketman

    Resin and white metal Interceptor

    Hiya gang anyone know who or where I can get one of these beasties? [IMG][IMG] or if this doesn't show 3rd pic down here
  14. rocketman

    Airfix Saturn 1B re-release!

    Hiya gang Couldnt see any posts on the search about this so thought this might be news for all you Hawk builders. Airfix have the Saturn 1b as a re-release in their new catalogue. Also they have the Saturn V with Skylab configuration as well. Its in the new catalogue, not on the web site. (...
  15. rocketman

    Pegasus Models MARS HOPPER

    Hi lads just picked up a catalogue in Dorking Models and see that Pegasus Hobbies are releasing a "MARS HOPPER" looks very 2001 inspired. Just wondered if anyone had any info on it, very little on the net?