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Recent content by Sage the Owl

  1. Sage the Owl

    Possible new Superswift kit in progress

    There's a guy over on the Starship Modeller board who's making a master for a Superswift kit in scale with the PE Eagles. He's asking for anyone to post their interest on his thread but you will need to register as it's a closed board. He's posted a link to a picture of the WIP reproduced below...
  2. Sage the Owl

    Red Dwarf "Dimension jump" ship model up for auction

    The Prop store are currently running an auction of film & TV memorabilia and one of the items up for grabs is "Ace Rimmer's" ship from the "Dimension jump" episode. Some nice pictures of the model to be had here. So if you have a few grand burning a hole in your pocket...... :)...
  3. Sage the Owl

    Stingray Aqua-Sprite: Meddings concept art

    Just spotted this on evil bay.
  4. Sage the Owl

    Spindrift original miniature photos

    Came across these pics yesterday via the Hobbytalk site. Reference for the Spindrift is pretty thin on the ground so these will be very useful for anyone scratchbuilding or improving the old Aurora/PL kit.
  5. Sage the Owl

    Moebius models go for the high end collector

    It looks as though Moebius have decided to release a pre built metal version of their Jupiter 2 kit, and we thought 1612 items could be expensive !
  6. Sage the Owl

    New kits on the way from Pegasus

    For those like me that may be eagerly awaiting the release of the Galaxyquest Protector there is more good news coming out of Pegasus models. Announced at the iHobbyExpo show in the states are the following new kits. In addition to the previous War of the Worlds kits, look for a new Martian...
  7. Sage the Owl

    Moebius Seaview discontinued.

    Reports from the iHobbyExpo show across the pond state that the large Seaview is no longer available to order from the manufacturer along with the Voyager, Mr Hyde & Captain action figures, so if you want any of these get 'em while you can. Personally the last three kits are no loss but i'm glad...
  8. Sage the Owl

    Sixties Dalek movie soundtracks to be released

    There have been rumours for a long time about these being released but it looks like they are finally a reality, cant wait,. Its been a good year for old movie & TV music, what with Fanderson's Stingray release and the FSM full Wrath of Khan score. :D:D:D:D...
  9. Sage the Owl

    eFX announce 4ft 20K Nautilus

    No indication of price yet but I expect it will be several hundred $'s. However if you want to build one instead there is an interesting thread going on over on the...
  10. Sage the Owl

    New Galactica kits announced

    For those that may not know, Moebius models have just announced that they have aquired the licence to produce kits from the new Battlestar Galactica series. The first release is going to be the new Mk II Viper in the same scale as the old Monogram / Revell kit (1/32 ?) sometime towards the end...
  11. Sage the Owl

    Heroes season 3 finale question (Spoiler)

    Saw this last night & thought it was a reasonable ending to the current arc, however I have a question, why did Nathan not regenerate after Silar cut this throat like he did after he had been shot and burned previously as he would still have Clare's antibodies (or whatever it is that gives her...
  12. Sage the Owl

    Whatever happened to "The future was fantastic" ?

    The title says it all really, having seen this mentioned in passing on another thread it jogged my memory. Do any forumites know why this project folded and what happened to all the footage that was shot for it. I believe that Jeff had even got the late Ed Bishop to do a narration for it.
  13. Sage the Owl

    The Goodies do CE3K

    One of the last stories that the Goodies did for the Beeb was a send up of "Close Encounters of the third kind" called "U-friend or UFO". In it Grahame creates an R2-D2 knock off robot called "EB-GB" to help Tim run his new restaurant named "Knutters Knoll Nite spot". At the end of the programme...
  14. Sage the Owl

    Doctor Who "Warrior's Gate"

    I was going through some of my old photo's the other day and came across these, so being as this story has just been released on DVD I thought people might be interested in seeing them. They are pictures of the visual effects models of the "Privateer" spaceship (burnt out & complete) and one of...
  15. Sage the Owl

    Saturday scene 1999

    Does anyone remember seeing the Landau's being interviewed by Sally James on the LWT "Saturday Scene" childrens programme back in '77 ?, it was one of the ITV networks many attempts to copy the beebs sucess with Multi coloured swap shop on at the same time. Space was being shown as part of this...