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Recent content by scatta

  1. scatta

    News Flash!! SPACE:1999 REMAKE - Official !

    ATTENTION ALL SECTIONS ALPHA !! On behalf of the Alpha:2012 Convention Committee, I have extreme pleasure in announcing the breaking news from ITV Studios: SPACE:1999 IS TO BE REMADE! Executive Producer Jace Hall and his Hollywood based production company, HDfilms will be re-imagining the series...
  2. scatta

    Eagle weathering - Airbrush or Decals ?

    Slipping or mis-firing with an airbrush is total misery when trying to do delicate weathering and panel detail. Would it be easier just to design and and print out some decals? However my concerns are: Would the decals look all shiny while the Eagle is under a spot-light or flash photography...
  3. scatta

    Space:1999 Music Question

    Can anyone identify the track that plays on the video below? I've picked up a few of the theme cover versions but not found this one It is quite an old track as it was played in the background with other Anderson & Sci-fi tracks during Martin Bower's model exhibit in my home town of Warrington...
  4. scatta

    Space:1999 Blu-Ray Frame Analysis

    I presume I'm not the only person analysing the Blu-Ray disks in detail? I thought a thread for general observations may be appropiate. I've been grabbing each frame. That's over 72 thousand images per episode. And now viewing them full screen through software that allows fast forwarding and...
  5. scatta

    Space:1999 cut scenes

    In light of the recent audio discovery of lost scenes, I just want to bring attention to the fact that there is also photographic evidence of scenes that have not made it to screen. I will post in this thread what I find. Bear in mind that some pictures may be staged promotional shots, but...
  6. scatta

    Martin Bower Snippits

    While preparing old convention reports for my website, I came across these little snippits from 1982: MARTIN BOWER REGARDING DIONE'S ESCAPE POD FROM "THE LAST ENEMY" EPISODE. If you think back to the Hawk model, you'll see that I used the same basic model here. The underside also had some...
  7. scatta

    Halo Eagle

    Looks interesting....