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  • "Over the hill," my foot - we're just gettin' warmed up! :sneaky:

    That said, hope you had a great day today and that you're doing well! :yes:
    It can't possibly be That Day, again - can it? (Just what we all ask ourselves every year, too...*sigh*)

    But, yes, it is - and I hope you're enjoying it! :lol:
    Hi toddyboy766, you have a great collection - nuke, winch pallet, glider and all sorts of other wonderful must-have accessories! Good to hear from you,

    Kindest regards

    Hi, loving the moon buggy.... Does him supply & finish those? Does he have ability to supply more?

    Did you wait long for it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hi, I'm loving the moon buggy .... Did Jim supply & finish it for you? Does he have capacity to do more & did you have to wait long for it?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    I saw a nice buildup of this kit at Wonderfest a few years ago by a guy named Dave
    Olszewski (sp). I did notice some ripples and sagging of the resin however. Would
    these issues be resolved in the re-issue?
    B.P. Taylor
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