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Recent content by shadokp

  1. shadokp

    Moonbase Alpha Re-Issue Kit

    So I just got the new Moonbase Alpha kit. In the past I bought models but never built them - just collected them. I haven't built a model since I was in my teens. I am interested in building this one and possibly framing it for wall display. BUT I have little experience. Is anyone else...
  2. shadokp

    Moon Orbiting the Earth

    This is incredible - shot from the Juno spacecraft, you can see the Moon orbiting the Earth!! KP
  3. shadokp

    Space Precinct Legacy

    Has the Space Precinct Legacy Blu ray release in April been talked about anywhere on this forum? If not, does anyone know if it is region free? KP
  4. shadokp

    Gerry Anderson Video Tribute

    Here is a video I made in memory of Gerry. Enjoy - KP
  5. shadokp

    Space: 1999 Sound Effect in Movie Trailer

    Here is another example of sound effects used in recent movie and TV. It is right at the end of the trailer. A very easy one to spot!! KP
  6. shadokp

    Contest - Watch as much of this as you can

    Here is a video - try to watch as much of it as you can and let us now at what point couldn't stand it any more. I could only watch up to 1:35 and I am still shivering....:o KP
  7. shadokp

    Space: 1999 in Argentina

    I have been noticing on Ebay recently a fairly large amount of Gerry Anderson related merchandise that the seller says is from Argentina. From trading cards to cheap plastic games to lighters, these 'rare' items appear to be manufactured more recently. Anyone know the story behind these...