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Recent content by shornak

  1. shornak

    Seaview Model, Polar Lights or Moebius?

    I am thinking of tackling model making again. Something I haven't done in a few years but something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I would love to build my own 44" Eagle but that will be a future project. Another model I have always wanted was the SSRN Seaview. I have looked at...
  2. shornak

    Space 1999 CGI

    I have been admiring the many Star Trek related CGI footages on You Tube, especially those from Hike Animation. But I see little to no good CGI from Space 1999. Is there anyone out there that is good with CGI that is working on Space 1999?
  3. shornak

    Interesting Eagle Picture

    Here is an interesting picture I ran across today while surfing the Internet. Looks like the first Eagle crashed into a barn somewhere.
  4. shornak

    Build a Full Size Moonbase Alpha

    How about Building a Full Size Moonbase Alpha! Here's an idea. Not one that I can do, but I saw this on You Tube where someone is building a full size USS Enterprise E using Minecraft. I have attached a couple of links to this. It's really cool. How about someone take this and build...
  5. shornak

    Not their most shining moments...

    How about a place to post pictures or information that might be bloopers or just things that weren't done too well? How about these for a start. Paper Eagles
  6. shornak

    Travel Tube

    Has anyone ever built a travel tube model? Any images of the original travel tube model from the show?