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  • Hi Stephen, I've sent you a couple of messages and I think you sent me one the other day but there is something with the message board so I'll try again now , just to let you know I posted your Angel Helmet today so it should be with you soon, just wondering where you got the first gen cast of Harmony from, I bought a wig for mine and cut it into her style and it turned out nice, Kind regards Niall.
    Hi Peter
    that seems such a long time ago now. I purchased him from Martin Bower at the same time he and Bill Pearson got 6 puppets between them. I had him for 20 years and finally sold him to raise money to go to China to adopt our daughter. John Blundall, a really nice man, authenticated him for me so it could go in the Phillips auction house. Sadly he didn't reach the reserve and was later sold privately. I believe he has since been sold to Peter Jackson (Hobitt fame). I have some photos of him down to bit parts.
    Thanks for asking
    I am interested in the wonderful
    Parker puppet which I believe you originally owned, and came from John Blundall through the sale rooms. It would be great to have more information on it. :)

    Best regards,

    Peter Thornley
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