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  1. Space2099

    'Space: 2099 (1999)' to Be Revived for Television!
  2. Space2099

    IR Eagle Freighter (What under the winch?)

    Has anyone pulled the winch off of an Iconic Replicas Eagle Freighter to see what is underneath? I'm thinking of converting one into the flat bed version use to transport Nuclear waste. Has anyone else tried doing this (or is this just a silly idea)?
  3. Space2099

    2012: It's a Disaster!!!

    Must be played with the sound on. :D
  4. Space2099

    12 Minutes of Clips From VIRTUALITY!

    It's rare that a good quality and believable space based science fiction series is created, so it's a shame that we may only ever get to see the two hour pilot/movie for Virtuality. This could have been such an interesting series. See 12 Minutes worth of Clips below...
  5. Space2099

    Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets

    Space Odyssey: Voyage To The Planets (In America it is called Voyage to the Planets and Beyond) (2004 not 1986) Has anyone else seen this excellent BBC production? Its part Sci-Fi and part documentary. It about 2 hours in length and is split into two parts. If you haven't seen it I would...
  6. Space2099

    Variety: Robert Evans, ITV team for 'UFO' film

    Variety is reporting that they are making a UFO movie. Robert Evans has a connection to Paramount, which has successfully (re)launched Transformers, Iron Man and Star Trek. This could be interesting.
  7. Space2099

    The New Blake 7's Liberator?

    Considering that there is a new Blake 7 remake on the way I found the image below (which is being used to sell projector screens) both puzzling and interesting. Could it be the new Liberator? Probably not. But it's definitely a variation on the original Liberator. Chances are it's just a fan...
  8. Space2099

    The Coolest Website EVER!

    I just stumbled across this amazing website. This is like my dream website. :w00t: Post your links to cool websites here. :)
  9. Space2099

    Corgi's Star Trek Starships.

    I just bought three Corgi Star Trek starships on eBay. Before I bought them I did some research and found this article stating that three more Starships where to be released in September. The Article was dated April 2007, so I assumed it meant September 2007...
  10. Space2099

    UFO: From Out of Nowhere

    Man in Honda chase by UFO. :D You can download the whole short here.
  11. Space2099

    Halo Diorama & Live Action Short.

    This is kind of cool, even if you don't play the Halo games. The first two clips are about the diorama and the third is the short from directed Neill Blomkamp, who was originally set to direct the proposed Halo movie.
  12. Space2099

    Gerry Anderson's 'Eternity' tv series.

    Anyone else seen this? This is a animatic created by Steve Begg for a proposed live action sci-fi tv series by Gerry Anderson and John Needham involving the appearance of a new planet in our solar system. Unbeknown to us this is actually a huge...
  13. Space2099

    Emily is Not Real.

    This is Amazing! I found a longer clip, slightly better quality.
  14. Space2099

    Ice Planet (inspired by Space 1999?)

    Has anyone seen the pilot to an aborted series called Ice Planet (2001)? (See the Trailer below) It was available on DVD in Australia and is easy to find on eBay...
  15. Space2099

    PE Starbug 1 Promo Video.

    Have a look at what I found, a little promo video for the Product Enterprise Starbug 1 (from Red Dwarf).