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    Galloping Galaxies / Captain Zep / SpaceVets modelwork?

    I remember looking into these three childrens shows a while back, and whilst these all are really dated but charming in that way all kids stuff is, I was noticing a fair bit of decent modelwork especially in Captain Zep and Spacevets I dont have screenshots yet, but I'm certain that some of the...
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    Ship models from Planet of Fire/Happiness Patrol/Twin Dillema?

    Sorry for starting another thread so quick, but I'm also wondering about some other ship models that we never really get a decent shot of and wondering what may have happened to them - all of these screenshots were from DVDs, which included the photo galleries which sadly didnt have photos of...
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    Chopper ship model from 'Gold'?

    Hello I know I may be posting in the wrong place because I am not actually a modelmaker (yet, anyway), but I do have a love for model effects/scifi designs and as of now I run a blog that intends to document spaceship designs ( ) in media, mostly live-action...