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Recent content by stargazer

  1. stargazer

    Crablogger 350th scale

    Just wanted to let folk know... I have made the masters for a 350th scale Crablogger. see pix here It is sold via TIMELESS HOBBIES of London (do google search) Regards Ian (Stargazer)
  2. stargazer

    NEW 'Thunderbirds' kits

    Hi all, It has been awhile since I last posted, But I have recently done under commission for Tony of timeless hobbies (ex Comet miniatures) The Sidewinder/Junglecat and the Crablogger both in 1/350 scale. The Sidewinder is some 9.5 inches long...
  3. stargazer

    End of Line.. XD1 Discovery

    Just A heads up. Due to the new Discovery kit coming out soon. I am no longer going to produce my Discovery Kit. when the last of the current stock have gone that will be it....No more.:( Best Ian (Stargazer)
  4. stargazer

    New 2001 odyssey model kit

    Hi guys just wanted to let all you 2001 fans know that I have sent masters to Canada to be cast... I don't know when the kit will be up for sale. Just hope that there is interest in buying it when it is. See a preview of the unfinished/unpainted model here. This is to go with my 1/144...
  5. stargazer

    twinch 2001 suit

    Anyone know if the 2001 twinch squad space suits have been re-issued perhaps by another maker. ????
  6. stargazer

    stargazer 2001:U.S.S. Discovery 1/144

  7. stargazer

    1/144 2001 Discovery finished

    The masters for the 1/144 Discovery are done... (Well I have three very small bits to do) The last big part (see Engine unit pix) is done. next...send to Blappy sometime this week for casting in Canada. :D
  8. stargazer

    Simon Atkinson's 2001 drawings.

    Simon Atkinson hads been in contact with me...He has some great 2001 pix and other Sci-fi space stuff on his new site. He said "You may be aware of my work with Piers Bizony on the Aurum Press publication 2001: filming the Future which I contributed illustrations to. I now have a website...
  9. stargazer

    preview pix. 1/144scale 2001 Discovery

    preview pix. 1/144scale 2001 Discovery
  10. stargazer

    Fireball XL5 (size of)

    Fireball XL5.... Is there I canon size for XL5 were it 'real' Where else can i ask this but here.:D I scoured the internet for a size reference for XL5 ENA 1/72... 36" long....216ft Martin Bowyer 1/72... 40" long 240ft SHED 1/144... 12"long...144ft MIM 1/144 16"... long...193ft...
  11. stargazer

    New...2001: Aries 1-B in 1/144 scale

    Announcing the 144th scale Aries 1-B from 2001 :D (40th anniversary of 2001 this month) With interior, and articulating landing gear see it here Stargazer