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Recent content by stiki

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    Command Center Set Replica

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I just found this incredible video of a replica portion of Command Center on YouTube.... Anyone know anything about this? Ian
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    Moonbase Alpha props in the new TARDIS

    Hey All! Just finished watching DOCTOR WHO confidential, where they took a look around the new TARDIS set. Was thrilled to see not one, but two familiar props from SPACE: 1999 - Either side of the new walkway are "Pileo" floor lamps used in Moonbase Medical Center & Living Quarters in Year...
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    Message from SIXTEEN 12

    Hey Guys! Just got this email from SIXTEEN 12 COLLECTIBALES - (exact text reproduced) [I]Greetings Club Members! After an “interesting” few months and several changes we can finally update you on the direction SIXTEEN 12 COLLECTIBLES is taking in 2009! We have been reviewing our projected...
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    Mahogany Ultra Probe

    Hey All! It seems that these guys have reworked the sculpt for the Ultra Probe. Compare this - With this - Top picture shows a better contoured/ detailed Command Module. From the angle shown it is difficult to judge overall scale (although it is obviously way out) but it kinda reminds...
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    Vintage Blackpool/ Alton Towers Exhibition Photos

    Hey All! Was clearing out the loft and found some old snaps of the exhibitions at Alton Towers & Blackpool. Most of these are out of focus or there is too much "flash" but a few are OK. Here's a couple - 44" Eagle 2 at Alton Towers - Large Ultra Probe at Alton Towers - 22" Cargo...
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    What happened to Satazius?

    Hey All! Prompted by the 2001 discussion elsewhere on the Forum, I got to thinking about some of the Space: 1999 models that I've never seen detailed photos of. In particular I wondered if anyone knew the fate of the Satazius model? Also "The Catacombs" states that models disappeared from...