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Recent content by StrakersWig

  1. StrakersWig

    Freedom City model from Gambit

    I'm currently rewatching Blakes 7 for the first time since original transmission so I dug out some old Starburst magazines from that time I remember having Blakes 7 FX features and I found a Mat Irvine interview with an image the caption claims to be Freedom City from Series 2. However when I...
  2. StrakersWig

    Space 1999 Guardian review

    A positive review of the series boxset in UK Guardian newspaper this weekend. Not sure why they are reviewing it right now though.
  3. StrakersWig

    UFO Japanese Blu-Ray

    UFO is being released on a Blu-Ray Collectors set in high definition in Japan on December 5. There was a german Blu-Ray recently but that was in Standard definition - Restored from 35mm negatives. - In original 4:3 Aspect Ratio - Booklet - Extras - Deleted Scenes Unfortunately it will be £200 :O
  4. StrakersWig

    Another Earth

    Oh my god... Hollywood has remade Doppelganger as a chick flick And the other earth is not on the opposite side of the sun but apparently a couple of million miles away by the look of it. Tidal forces mayhem coming soon... or perhaps not.
  5. StrakersWig

    FX curios

    The nice thing about the clarity of the Carlton UFO DVDs is the ability to spot things you never noticed before. Saw this recently in 'Computer Affair'. In the second to last shot from the drivers cab view before the UFO fires a beam, the rightmost tree is yanked out of the way just before the...