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Recent content by Swine Flu

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    Moon Zero 2

    Is Moon Zero 2 out on Blu ray?
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    ebay 3d printed Space 1999 Ultra Probe

    Just got my Space 1999 3D printed Ultra Probe hollow model kit, 12 inches (30 cm) in length. It's fantastic,the best 3D printing I've ever seen! Includes sperate anti glare inserts for the beak printed in black, a red rear hatch,four engine bells,four retro rockets, four docking clamps with...
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    skane bbc tv Saterday morning Soko

    Does anyone remember a BBC Saterday morning show called Soko? It featured a comic strip story called Skane & was set on the moon. I think the artist that drew it also worked on Countdown comic
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    I wish Airfix produce more Gerry Anderson model kits?

    With the release of the classic Captain Scarlet Angle Interceptor, I wish Airfix would release more/new kits from Gerry Anderson programmes am not talking about re bagged kits from Imai. Would love to see proper kits with the same level of detail that Tamya tank modellers currently enjoy. Well...
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    25" Planet of the Apes Ansa Icarus Model from Builderscience

    I was looking at wooden models on Ebay,Builderscience based in the Phlippines produce a wooden model of the ANSA Icarus from the film Planet of the Apes I asked if the could build me a larger version: 25 inches long which cost me a very reasonable $175.00 ($120.00 + $55.00 shipping). Am going...