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Recent content by T.F.U.

  1. T.F.U.

    Servelan returns

    This has been all over Facebook but for your viewing pleasure
  2. T.F.U.

    The Galactic 8th Fleet

    Good evening chaps, im in the process of forming a display unit for conventions based on the federation guard. we will include guards, mutiods and support staff. Ive developed visored helmets, im using the officer triangle for all guards. Im looking at a more elaborate version of the classic...
  3. T.F.U.

    Ham's cyberman

    Greetings chaps, our esteemed colleque Ham Salad across the pond has asked me to publish some photo's of his latest project. I might also add "well done that man".
  4. T.F.U.

    1970s UNIT radio

    Anyone got some decent pictures of the small silver radios used by u.n.I.t. in the 70s pertwee era.
  5. T.F.U.

    Federation sniper weapon

    So i was thinking... we have seen short range carbines and some weird looking "rifles" but what would a sniper or distance weapon which looks like Federation tech look like - pictures to follow.
  6. T.F.U.

    Albion commando helmet

    Hi chaps, im thinking of making an Albion commando helmet on the lines of an adapted federation trooper helmet. The colour scheme is going to be greens and possibly brown. What do you think??
  7. T.F.U.

    original federation blaster effect

    Hi guys, does anyone know if the federation blasters used flash wool to create the discharge effect? thanks guys
  8. T.F.U.

    Federation commando helmet

    Its a bit of a long shot but does anyone have one of the commando style helmets from the 3rd season episodr Volcano? Im making one but am having to make things up a bit.
  9. T.F.U.

    Liberator gun power settings

    I know its a bit sad but ive always wondered about the varying power output of thwe Liberator guns. One minute Jenna is blowing small holes in concrete walls and the next Avon is producing grenade type explosions. Whereas i know its simply different directors calling for the appropriate effect...
  10. T.F.U.

    vila uniform

    ... Because my wife is a genius. A work in progress.
  11. T.F.U.

    federation pistol on ebay?

    Ebay number321352561779 A rather strange looking pistol.
  12. T.F.U.

    resin feddie blaster on ebay

    spotted on ebay; 191048961137 by no meansaccurate but the first ive seen cast in resin
  13. T.F.U.

    gallifrey prevails

    The TIme Lords live!!!!!!
  14. T.F.U.

    Liberator hand blaster noise

    In my constant quest for the perfect liberator hand gun - has anyone got a decent digital recording or reconstruction of the sound of the blaster they might like to share.
  15. T.F.U.

    rebel sniper blaster

    So i was thinking about a rebel sniper blaster.You dont need to worry about windage and ballistic drop but what about a jamming device so your location couldnt be plotted in helmet displays and a laser invisible to the eye .. not that difficult in our galaxy but how about in the star wars...