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Recent content by tazman2000

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    CGI Eagle variation.

    I like the design. It fits into the universe. What is it? A tanker? TazMan2000
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    Skydiver scratchbuild

    First rate. TazMan2000
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    Studio Scale 3D Superswift

    I am by no means, a great 3D designer, but I've always wanted to build a Superswift. I've scoured the internet for years trying to find good references. When it comes to length, the official answers are quite varied, even from the original designers. Some sources quote 50 or so inches, others up...
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    Hi-Hi from Moonbase Colorado

    @AnnaElizabeth It's good to have some new members to re-invigorate the forum. TazMan2000
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    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    This is probably old news, but Round 2 has announced they will be releasing a 1:1 stun gun and comlock kit. TazMan2000
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    Finally starting building a 44" Eagle

    The main landing gear and pod landing gear have been completed as well as most of the priming has been done. The greeblies for the walkways have been selected and will be glued in after everything is assembled and ready for paint. Recently I have bought a 3D printer and my attention was...
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    Finally starting building a 44" Eagle

    Its been a while since I made some good progress, but here is the latest. Image 1 & 2 A bolt secured each engine assembly together, which was glued in to prevent turning. Image 3 The top and bottom engine assemblies were glued to the frame, but the left and right ones were only...
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    Fuel tank and engine piping

    I have the Prud'homme/Trice blueprints and have noticed that few 44" Eagles correspond to that configuration (at least what I can find on Google searches post Photobucket "issues"). I thought that those blueprints were based on the Eagle 1 in Season 1, but the piping is quite different from the...
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    Length of the Studio Superswift model?

    Does anyone know the correct length of the studio model of the SuperSwift? Depending on where you look drawings suggest anywhere from 56 inches to about 68" in length. says the model is 160cm, roughly 63". Starlog December 1979 says it's...
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    Round 2 new Cargo Eagle possible No separate pod will be sold. Only a full kit. TazMan2000
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    44 inch eagle parts?

    Forgive me if I have been misinformed, but I have heard that Rogue Studios has dropped, given up or lost the license to produce the 44 inch Eagle. I think there is some speculation that Sixteen 12(?) has it? We've all heard that Round 2 was interested in producing one until they found out there...
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    Round2 to make a 44inch Eagle? Post a message there if you would lay a deposit of 200 bucks for a 400 dollar model. They're looking for 5000 messages saying "yes". TazMan2000
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    Finally starting building a 44" Eagle

    I've been a lurker here for quite some time, admiring the builds here. I was very hesitant starting, since I've never soldered anything more than wires in electronics. Eventually I found materials that allowed me to make a jig and decided to give it a go. I picked up some end mill bits for use...