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Recent content by telster

  1. telster

    Thunderbird Three new kit - 3d resin parts

    Just what I was hoping to hear - I'll keep an eye out for news about the TB1. Happy to say that I went for the TB3 kit & what a great decision that was - I can't praise it highly enough. For the benefit of anybody reading this & thinking something along the lines of oh, I wonder if I should...
  2. telster

    Thunderbird Three new kit - 3d resin parts

    Hi Bernie, Ohhhh - Top work! I've been planning to attempt to scratchbuild a 1/144 TB3 to match a number of my other TB models all in the same scale. To that end, I've accrued a drawer full of acrylic tubes in various diameters & several other bits 'n bobs including pound shop champagne flutes...
  3. telster

    Good to have it back - good job boss & thx

    Good to have it back - good job boss & thx
  4. telster

    Oh Dear ...

    OK ... difficult shape ... no definitive version ... 50 years ago ... blah blah blah but this? for (at time of posting) almost 300 quid? WTF?
  5. telster

    Sevans Colonel White on Ebay

    Ooooh - a Sevans Col. White, 1st time I've seen one of these on ebay ... I have to declare that I have one of these so watching this one with interest. No bids so far so looks like it could be disappointing for the seller (& me as well).
  6. telster

    Airfix stingray parts

    Hey Guys, I finally got my hands on an almost complete unbuilt Airfix Stingray & now I'm searching for the following parts to replace what's missing. Rear Fins --- part no.s 35 & 36 RateMaster Mount - part no. 6 1 AquaSprite Canopy - Part no. 18 Port side Torpedo Tube/light housing cover -...
  7. telster

    New(ish) 1/144 TB1 just released

    Hey everybody, I haven't seen anything posted here about the new 1/144 scale TB1 kit that has just been released so I thought I'd spread the word. It's being released to complement the DeAgostini 1/144 TB2 & Pod vehicles part-works that started in Japan last year. Like the TB2 kit, it comes...
  8. telster

    1/144 Fireball XL5

    Hey Guys, I ran a few quick searches in the forum for this Fireball XL5 model ... but nothing came back so I thought I'd ask if anybody here knows more & can clue me in about it...
  9. telster

    Remember Takara's 1/144 Thunderbirds models

    Hey All, looks like Deagostini Japan are planning to re-release a version of the Takara TB2 + pod vehicles set as a part-works weekly installment thingy-doodah. Oh - and possibly updated too - looks like TB2s rocket motors now light up & what looks like a remote control as well...
  10. telster

    Aoshima 1/48 TB4 at HLJ

    Hi everyone, The new Aoshima 1/48 TB4 kit is now available for pre - order at ... slated for release in December '15 No new images unfortunately so it still looks a little chunky but hopefully we'll get to see some shots of the production version soon. Tel
  11. telster

    New Thunderbirds models on the way

    Hey folks, - check out the HLJ report from Shizoka Hobby Show here ... Looks like Aoshima are releasing a TB3/Hangar set and a 1/72 Recovery Vehicle. Of course, a lot of us have already shelled out on the TB3 but now that I've...
  12. telster

    Saw this & first thing I thought was ... Airfix Stingray

    It's all in the title really. Have a look at the shapeways video in this Gizmodo article about 3D printing. For so long now I've been hearing about the hopes & half-plans to recreate the Holy Grail of kits...
  13. telster

    Update on the new Aoshima TB3 from HLJ

    Check out this video review of the new Aoshima TB3 presented at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013 by HLJ's Brian Keaney. Watch out for the breaking news at the end :D
  14. telster

    really? ... on ebay you say ???? ... and they say that it's a child's toy?????
  15. telster

    Lone Star Captain Scarlet gun question

    I've seen these on ebay before. The Lone Star Captain Scarlet gun was re-jigged & released as a Flash Gordon one (possibly vice versa ... but I...