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Recent content by The Voice of Voyager One

  1. The Voice of Voyager One

    The Beta Cloud - biggest plot hole of all

    An alien cloud that knows everything about Moonbase Alpha even before the base's personnel do is a big plot hole, right? An alien cloud that demands Alpha's "life support core" for survival (at the expense of Alpha's survival) is a big plot hole, right? An alien cloud that can build an...
  2. The Voice of Voyager One

    How international is this forum?

    I am fairly new to the Eagle Transporter forum. I don't see any mechanism for posting polls, but I wanted to poll forum participants about this... What nation (or continent) are you from? I wanted to see how many participants are from the U.K., how many from the U.S.A. (or from North America...
  3. The Voice of Voyager One

    Journey to Where

    Some questions about the 1976 episode "Journey to Where" are bouncing around in my mind... How could a British-made TV series get Scottish history so wrong? As I understand it, (the Catacombs page is down, but I remember from their critique...) there was no English spoken then, and they got...
  4. The Voice of Voyager One

    The Catacombs is down again?

    I have been trying to visit The Catacombs at Space 1999 net for the past couple of days, with no success. Is the site down again? Anybody know for how long?
  5. The Voice of Voyager One

    The Eagle's Command Module

    I don't know if this has ever been brought up before, since I am new to the ET forums, so here goes: Has anyone ever envisioned what the "Space: 1999" Eagle's command module would look like if the "viewport" concavities were actually huge triangular windows along the contour of the nose instead...
  6. The Voice of Voyager One

    Anyone ever tried a Space: 1999 fan film?

    After seeing what Jim Cawley and others have done to revive the "Star Trek" original series with fan films, I was wondering if anyone ever tried doing a "Space: 1999: Year Three" fan film? Given what I've seen on the web, fandom construction of sets and props would not seem to be a problem. I...
  7. The Voice of Voyager One

    Silly spaceship questions

    I seem to remember blueprints of the Mark Nine Hawk-class combat vehicle ("War Games") being published in "Starlog" magazine over 30 years ago. Are these plans available anywhere online? Does anyone have an idea of the size (read: length) of a Mark Nine Hawk is comparison to an Eagle? Was...
  8. The Voice of Voyager One

    A different kind of Eagle concept

    With all this talk of "Space: 2099" going on, I thought about a different kind of re-imagining of "Space: 1999", using some ideas that have emerged in the decades since the show was on the air. The first concept that popped into my head was re-imagining the concept of the Eagle-class...
  9. The Voice of Voyager One

    Seeking an image

    Hello! Or should I say... "This is the Voice of Voyager One... greetings from the Planet Earth!" I'm new to this forum. Just joined. I watched Space: 1999 the first time it played in the U.S. back in the 1970s. I want to find an image of Voyager One for my avatar in this forum.