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Recent content by thundergod

  1. thundergod

    Chewie in 1/6 Scale

    Thought I'd share some pics of a recent build . It's a quick "in-between-projects -project" , a conversion of a not very good Hasbro 12" action figure into a ( hopefully) more impressive piece . I used Milliput epoxy putty for the sculpting and styrene sheet and rod for the Bowcaster . It was...
  2. thundergod

    Revell Battlestar Galactica

    Picked up the Revell re-pop of Moebius' Galactica . Wanted it to be a quick build , so it's straight from the box . The only glitch was the poor decals representing the launch pad recesses , ( a common fault of these Galactica kits) but otherwise a trouble free and pleasurable build ...
  3. thundergod

    X-Wing Fighter in 1/32 scale

    My recent build of the Mark 1 Galactica Viper has put me in the mood for some "old-school" Starfighter action , so I dug out the AMT Pro-Shop Electronic X-Wing kit I've had in my stash for a number of years . When I got it ( from a car-boot sale for £3 !) I'd intended to use the electronic...
  4. thundergod

    Moebius Mark I Viper

    I recently picked up the Moebius Original Series Mark I Viper , a ship which has been on my "to-do" list for 30 odd years ! I'm not doing a review of the kit as such, as plenty of people have shared their opinions , but I will say that it's an excellent kit that goes together quickly ...
  5. thundergod

    Star Wars I.S.T.A.P in 1/6 Scale

    As I've always been a fan of the STAP from the prequels ( and Clone Wars show) , I thought it'd be interesting to conceptualise how the Empire would develop the design .Rather than a "combat " vehicle , I theorise that the concept would be utilised as a patrol or crowd control craft . This is...
  6. thundergod

    Revell Republic Attack Shuttle "Easy-Kit "

    Having recently added to my collection of Revell Star Wars "Easy-Kits" , I thought I'd share a few pics of one "out of the box" . I build these kits as "regular" models , but can't resist putting them together "out of the box" to familiarise myself with the general build and to see what areas...
  7. thundergod

    Star Wars kits at Home Bargains

    UK modellers with a "Star Wars" bent , could do worse than checking out the "Home Bargains" chain of stores , as they have a selection of Revell Star Wars "Easy-Kits" on sale . My local shop has the Republic Attack Shuttle , Sith Infiltrator , AAT ( Tank) , General Grevious Fighter and ARC 170...
  8. thundergod

    Revell Millenium Falcon

    I've had this Revell Falcon "Easykit" for quite a while , but had it stored away as it was missing a few parts ( I picked it up for a quid at a car boot sale ). As I've recently located the missing bits , I thought I'd give it a little attention . First though , I'd like to say that this isn't...
  9. thundergod

    Parts for Revell Millenium Falcon Easy kit needed .

    I know its probably a long shot ,but I'm looking for a few parts from Revell's Millenium Falcon "Easykit" . I tried contacting the company directly , but after a couple of years I get the idea they're not going to get back in touch ! The parts are : 24 -Left rear side panel ...
  10. thundergod

    Star Trek KRE-O at Home Bargains

    I picked up this cool little ( New Movie) Enterprise KRE-O kit at Home Bargains for £2.99 . The "model" is about 5" long , is made up of 39 parts and even has a nifty "light-up" feature . There's 4 in the set , USS Kelvin , Klingon D7 and Jellyfish(?) and I'll definitely be picking...
  11. thundergod

    My earliest !

    On a clearout of the loft , I discovered a large box of model stuff long forgotten , in which I discovered some models I built 20 years ago for a video/movie project I was involved in ( in a previous life , I had a small video production business ). It was a pleasant surprise as I thought them...
  12. thundergod

    Clone Wars era Fighters

    A couple of years ago I picked up a couple of Revell Star Wars "Easykits" , the V-19 Torrent Starfighter and the Magnaguard Starfighter . While neither ships are particular favourites of mine and not models I would have gone out of my way to buy/build , they were both so heavily discounted that...
  13. thundergod

    Aardman Animation Airfix models

    Whilst having a sort out of my modelling shed and going through my collection of unbuilt/half-built kits and abandoned projects , I (re)discovered a couple of models I built a few years ago . Both are from the Aardman Animations show "Shaun The Sheep" and were "Shaun with Landrover" and "Shaun...
  14. thundergod

    "Rainy Day " Enterprise build

    A few years ago , I picked up the "Snap Fit" 1/1000 scale ( Original Series) Enterprise from a model fair , basically because it was a bargain ( £5 ) and when I got it home , after a quick perusal of the parts , decals etc , put it away with the rest of my unbuilt kits , as a possible rainy day...
  15. thundergod

    Moebius MkII Viper

    I thought I'd share some pics of my MkII Viper as it nears completion . It just needs a couple more decals adding to the underside and finishing with a clear coat . I'm using a gloss coat ( from a can) and using fine sanding pads to buff/burnish it to a semi-gloss finish . For weathering I'm...