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Tim Smith
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  • Huh. I'll have to check that out. I'm not familiar with that street, but the zip code is only a few off mine, so it can't be to far away! Thanks for the heads up. I report any interesting findings . :)
    Glad to hear of your employment. Guess what? I need the same now. my company is downsizing by writing up people for stupid things, and I got "sacked" for...are you ready for this...looking at someone!
    I'll run the idea past my partner in crime, but if it does not work, i do have shots of the ships against black that might work. Need to send you those that are usable. i just need some examples to show. The sister ship is here and is similarly constructed, So I don't see why i can't use that ship. The guy I'll be working with will be using this footage for a similar thing as you, but he's a bit stubborn about a few things. Maybe i can change his mind.
    I'll be in touch!
    started a course that deals with 'employability and back to work' doubled with video/film production. In the course, there are opportunities for work placement- basically you get to do some work for an employer, and gives you the chance to show what you can do. Normally I'd say cheap labour for the employer, but in this case it's worked out in my favour, as my placement is with the company that runs the video course! Yay! I get to work in a video prodiction outfit. Step nearer the goal my friend! They're called Enterprise Screen Productions

    Anyway, not filmed anything that we discussed, but could do so quite easily. Wouldn't need to convert from PAL to NTSC or regions, as we can simply save the 'movie' as a quicktime file and save to blank dvd- that way it saves a lot of effort trying to convert and thus losing quality.

    Besides, if you can have some 'talking head' shots of yourself, or simply record dialogue, and send some pics of construction, I can then edit it with footage of the ships in action! I coukd then send you the quicktime files and all you'd need to do is save to dvd in region 1 ntsc...

    What do you think?

    Well, hate to be a smarty pants, but I'd just go with a flat red and weather that sucker. Some seem to call the launch pad a shade of orange, but I think red was closer. Of coarse, when the episodes were shown here, they were not exactly good prints. But in my mind they have always been red. Or, you could just do one of the later pads, which I think were white on top.
    I've talked to a friend who needs to shoot a short documentary to use for a job. Meanwhile, I suggested to him that peice on my model building might be good. Have you got some clips we could use? They'd have to convert, I suppose, from Region2 to 1, unless we can get around it. If not, I've got tons of photos of the ships prior to shipping that maybe I could use. No effects shots though.
    Glad to hear the project is moving a bit!

    how's tricks? Got a question for you-
    What shade of red was used/could be used for the landing pads?

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