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Recent content by tim

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    The Doctor Who/Space: 1999 connection.

    I put this thread over in the Doctor Who section of Nitcentral, and I thought I'd put it here too, since it concerns 1999 as well. There are some links between Space: 1999 and Doctor Who. Most involve actors. One regular cast member of Space: 1999, Zienia Merton, played date analist Sandra...
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    I've always wondered about Death's Other Dominion..

    When Jack Tanner tells Koenig that the survivors of the Uranus Probe had been on Ultima Thule for 800 years, even through, from the Alphan's perspective, they had left Earth only 13 years before (in 1986). It was never really addressed. It is possible that the Thulians had gone back in...
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    Sandra Benes and her unhappy love life.

    Poor Sandra, the woman cannot catch a break! First she is engaged to some guy on Earth, but Breakaway finished that (one of the monsters in Bringers Of Wonder poses as him). Then she becomes involved with Mike Ryan, who dies in this episode. Clearly, they were very close, she fainted when he...
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    Hello everyone.

    Greetings all, I'm Tim. I live in Canada. I've enjoyed Space: 1999 since I first saw it back in the 70's. I have the 30th Anniversary DVD set. Nice to find this forum so I can discuss the show with fellow fans.