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  • Hi Tobor

    My name is Lars and I´m from Denmark.

    I want to build a 44" eagle, Eagle 1, season 1 and after that 2 more..

    I haven´t started yet because I have to do some serious home improvment first for the Misses... But when that´s completed I´m gonna start my build.

    So for now I´m gathering all the parts I will need for my project, it´s not easy, alot of researching on where to get hold of the parts.

    I have got hold of the following:

    - Blueprints, from Daniel Prud'homme
    - Nosecone and Leg set from Jose Luis Da Silva Santos
    - Engine bells from Mike Reader in Canada
    - Fueltanks, fuel cell´s and some other fittings from Captain Sci-Fi

    My biggest issue is get hold of tubing for the spine and framework. I want to build it in carbonefiber tubing.. Just like you and Paul Gray is doing it..

    So maybe you are able to or can help me out with my issue..
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