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  • Hi Chris

    I still visit the forum, three or four times a week on average, I just choose not post any more and just read the odd thread that I find of interest.

    I am very busy again ATM, not so much with Fanderson Sales but my other supposedly part time job which has a habit of turning into full time work for weeks on end. I will certainly look at building your Moonbus, as I tend to get quiet periods inbetween the madness, do you want to drop me a line on my e-mail


    Hi Tony, don`t know if you still visit the forum. Just been looking at you beautiful Moonbus pics. Would you be interested in building mine? Chris
    Hi Tony,
    The cover of the latest Fanderson mag 63 looks good. Is the photo of Scott Tracy an old archive one or is it new ? .
    Best, Peter:)
    happy birthday tony, hope you have had a great day, looking forward to seeing you again. darrell
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