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Recent content by TonyB

  1. TonyB

    Original Red Dwarf prop.

    As title, a Bill Pearson original model from Red Dwarf V111.
  2. TonyB

    Thunderbirds Pit of Peril diorama.

    Just uploaded an Album with pictures of the last Gerry Anderson model finished, a diorama based on the Thunderbirds episode, 'The Pit of Peril'. The Sidewinder is the limited edition Metal 'Maxi' Model currently available from Fanderson with some re working/amendments & complete repaint done...
  3. TonyB

    Teddy Bears in space.

    Just read this and thought I would post the link.
  4. TonyB

    2001 Moonbus finished pictures.

    Well here it is finally finished and ready to deliver to Oxford next week. There are obvious apparent gaps around the model but that was the trade off to be able to get to see the full interior of the model.
  5. TonyB

    MiM Moonbus WiP.

    Here is the first of the WiP pictures of the MiM Moonbus. All the parts have been cleaned up, filed/sanded etc etc, thoroughly washed and have been primed in grey automotive primer ready for painting and assembly. All the sub assemblies have been built, mainly the landing legs, I just need to...
  6. TonyB

    First large scale project in months.

    I am currently working on the MiM Moonbus form 2001 in 1/32nd scale. I have all the parts filed and cleaned up and they have thoroughly washed ready for assembly. I have started some of the sub assemblies and am about ready to fill the holes etc that are obvious before all the parts are...
  7. TonyB

    Smash Advert - UFO Spacesuit & Scenery

    Smash Advert - UFO Spacesuit & Scenery
  8. TonyB

    New Robert Harrop limited Edtion Thunderbirds figure Kyrano.

    Along with Retroboy I attended an open day held by Robert Harrop which was held at Weston Park, Weston Under Lizard, near Telford and in the 'studio' display room, they had on display along with other new sculpts, their new Kyrano figurine from the popular Thunderbirds range. Limited to only...
  9. TonyB

    Work in progress Honda Type R.

    Its not an Eagle, nor is it a moonbuggy, its not even a sci-fi model, however it is a WiP car kit I am in the process of building for someone, so at least I am working on something. The body shell had all the black trim painted on by hand yesterday and I gave the body three coats of automotive...
  10. TonyB

    Here is what I was working on recently.

    The figures in these pictures represent approx half of 'D' Company 7th US Cavalry 1876. These are for a table top game called Legends of the Old West, Blood on the Plains from Games Workshop, however I plan to write up an entire campaign setting so that I can take it out to shows as a...
  11. TonyB

    The Stan Winston book anyone got it.

    I was looking at the Winston Effect in my local book shop this morning and I very nearly ended up walking out with it, (I am not really a shop lifter I would have paid for the book first, so lets clear that up before we go any further :P) but the £35.00 price tag put me off, well at least for...
  12. TonyB

    Resurrection of an old Eagle and Nuclear Waste diorama.

    Well I have finally gotten around to re-visting a couple of my older Space 1999 models. I have just finished 'tarting' up an old first run Comet Miniatures Mini Metal Eagle Transporter which certainly looks a lot better for it. That is all Mark's fault, mine looked positively drab and lack...
  13. TonyB

    The Complete UFO hardback book by Chris Bentley.

    I picked a copy of the book up at the Memorabilia show at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday, which was strange as its not listed for release for another couple of month's. There was a guy standing as a dealer from Reynolds and Hearn the book's publishers, who was selling a selection of 'Cult'...
  14. TonyB

    MEV models.

    Finally, both of the MEV models are finished now thank goodness, here is a picture of each of them. Thunderbirds are Go version. Captain Scarlet version. There are a few more pictures of each on the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet Model Gallery pages on my website...
  15. TonyB

    MEV models underway.

    Just thought I share a WiP picture or two of the MEV kits with you. One of the MEV kits was very well cast and need only marginal cleaning up before assembly, the other one unfortunately was a right bugger, the right front end of the lower section of the body was badly miscast and had a huge...