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Recent content by Troy

  1. Troy


    Looks like Jamie is trying to get a new puppet series of Firestorm launched using Kickstarter. It seems the original concept differed from the original anime offering and it is a development of that we can look forward to if he gets the funding. Most importantly though is the news it will be all...
  2. Troy

    What a shame this never happened.
  3. Troy

    New Thunderbirds about to go into production!

    I'll leave you all to the discuss the various issues around this.
  4. Troy

    UFO on Blu Ray in Japan

    Looks like a nice new Blu Ray box set of UFO is coming out ing Japan. Anybody know if they would work on a UK player?
  5. Troy

    Letraset Action Transfers

    I just stumbled upon a really interesting site about something I'd almost forgotten about, namely Letraset Action Transfers. I had great fun with one or two of these as at 6 or 7 year old in the 1960's. Sadly I never had this one though...
  6. Troy

    Interesting documents in the BBC archives

    Just discovered that the BBC has uploaded loads of really interesting internal documents about Doctor Who, one of which deals with their thoughts on Sci-Fi productions in 1962. I wonder what happened to change their mind between 1962 and 1963...
  7. Troy

    Gerry Anderson stamps for 2011

    These look really quite exciting. Stamps with a lenticular lens so you can get motion on a pstage stamp!
  8. Troy

    Restoration project anybody?

    Looks like a few restoration opportunities will be coming up:
  9. Troy

    Iconic Replicas Thunderbird 3

    This is just a quick question about whether anybody else has bought an IR Thunderbird 3 from Model Zone in the last week or two. I just took delivery of mine and was surprised to find it was number 2 of 800. Anybody else get any of the early numbers? Anybody know why such an early number would...
  10. Troy

    Does this site belong to anyone here?
  11. Troy

    Parker - Well Done!

    Its been years since I heard this little ditty.
  12. Troy

    Is this Sky 1 for real?

    Just stumbled on this video clip on Youtube. A sort of real Sky 1:O
  13. Troy

    Anybody ever heard of Interster?

    A couple of years ago I was talking to a South African chap at work about Gerry's shows and he said that in South Africa they had made their own puppet show called Interster because during the years of apartheid imports of foreign shows were banned. I've been looking for information ever since...
  14. Troy

    Just when you thought you had seen it all!

    Well, this is novel; somebody has made a Thunderbird 2 glider:O
  15. Troy

    Eagle made from Lego

    :wtf: Before anybody asks this isn't mine, I just found it on a Lego site, but I thought it was so astonishing that people here wold like to see it.