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Recent content by tryptych

  1. tryptych

    Mastermodels 1968

    I stumbled across this on YouTube and guessed it was Mastermodels of Hounslow, who along with Space Models built most of the hero craft for the Anderson productions. A brief glimpse of some Thunderbirds and the Joe90 car. (PS. Anyone know the tags to display a video on here?)...
  2. tryptych

    Sky One Work in progress.

    Thanks to chatting with Tenement01 I have ended up taking a slight Thunderbirds sabbatical to recreate the original Don Showalter mesh that had become horribly corrupted in translation. So I have made entirely new high-poly geometry based on his original dimensions plus some more accurate...
  3. tryptych

    RIP Des Saunders

    (L-R: Des Saunders, Lily Hill, Reg Hill, Christine Glanville, Alan Patillo, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.) Desmond "Des" Saunders, who has died aged 91, was a television and film director who enjoyed a long association with the producer Gerry Anderson, famous for his 1960s productions filmed...
  4. tryptych

    Missing Photobucket fix

    I just thought I'd pass this on. It seems Photobucket greedily decided to impose extra charges on it's users to allow them to embed offsite which has resulted in many dead image links on EagleTransporter. It seems there is a workaround for this. By running the add-ons, it bypasses their...
  5. tryptych

    Help needed!! - Thunderbirds Fire Engine

    Hi chaps. I'm in desperate need of more reference photos of the fire tender(s) from "Trapped in the Sky" (NOT the ones used in the other episodes) If anyone has any behind the scenes shots or has already built one, any pictures would be very much appreciated. There is also the Takara "Rescue...
  6. tryptych

    Original Red Dwarf Starbug up for auction

    I'm not sure how many they made, or who made it, but C21 effects man Peter Wragg directed the effects. Reserve at £2,000 but I expect it will go for a lot more. Tons of hires close-up images if anyone wants research material for a build...
  7. tryptych

    3D Printing, Kit part database and Rogue One

    I recently came across an article with John Knoll, the VFX supervisor on "Star Wars: Rogue One" explaining how they rebuilt CGI models based on the original Episode IV miniatures, and rather than buy tons of kits to have them destroyed, they laser scanned complete kits in their entirety and had...
  8. tryptych

    "Trapped in the Sky" recreation

    Hi guys, I am looking to make a shot-for shot CGI recreation of the pilot show as a little hobby. I won't do the whole show, basically just the Fireflash bits, and leave the puppets "as is", but I am trying to capture the Meddings 60's style of models, lighting and photography. As you might...