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Recent content by TVC21

  1. TVC21

    Thunderbirds fonts

    Hi all, I`m looking for some help...I`m trying to identify the exact fonts used on the end title pic versions of Thunderbirds 1 and 2 from the original series....has someone researched this already...? I`m guessing the information is out there somewhere but I can`t find it!
  2. TVC21

    Calling Bernie

    Bernie are you still about????? Can you answer my messages please mate
  3. TVC21

    Brilliant article on Century 21 I hadn`t seen before

    Congrats to the author, really good article;
  4. TVC21

    Lady Penelope Undercontrol - help please!

    Hi, I`m currently restoring the Lady Penelope undercontrol body into a full working undercontrol puppet for Cosford. I have spent tonight grabbing images of it from TB6, and am completely stumped as to what fabric was used for the blue coat. Anyone got any ideas? Also interesting to note she...
  5. TVC21

    Lincon Thunderbird 1 nosecone?????

    Hi, I know its a long shot, but does anyone have a nosecone to spare for the 60`s Lincoln TB1 kit???? I have a lovely boxed almost complete one....
  6. TVC21

    Gary Numan Custom Figure

    A while back I decided to make myself some 12" Gary Numan figures....why?? Well, he has always been my favourite artist, and the cross over with the sci fi imagery of his first few albums fascinates me. I free sculpted the head, the outfits are hand made (but not all by me!) the guitar is a...
  7. TVC21

    The Aquabats Super Show

    Has anyone else caught this utter genius show, on CITV (but NOT for kids!) Homage to 60`s scifi and music, think the Monkees meets Batman 66 meets Godzilla meets Steve Ditko meets Banana Splits. Best thing I`ve seen in years!
  8. TVC21

    Original Scarlet Puppet Neck Mechanism

    Hello peeps. I have been scratching my head trying to work out how to accurately replicate the original puppet neck mechs....essentially you have a 3/8" brass ball with a 3 mm hole through it attached somehow to a turned brass fitting, also with a 3mm hole running through it. The ball is...
  9. TVC21

    Updates and gossip

    Hi, I`ll try to keep this thread alive with general updates. We are at the early planning stage at the moment, however my objective is to have far more guest speakers and signings than at the first event, together with a collectors fair and most importantly, the largest Anderson exhibition ever...
  10. TVC21

    RAF Cosford Flights of Fantasy 2014

    Hi, I`m pleased to announce that we will be doing a repeat of the Cosford event, bigger and better, in May 2014. There will be ticketed guests both days, signings, dealers tables, and hopefully a very, very, big display.
  11. TVC21

    Brian Johnson Announced as guest at Cosford!!

    See update in the events 2012 section
  12. TVC21

    RAF Cosford Flights of Fantasy 2012

    Hi there, I am involved in organizing an Anderson themed day at RAF Cosford in Staffordshire on Saturday 24th November 2012. All proceeds from the event will go in aid of the museum. For one day only, the Museum will be displaying original puppets and memorabilia from the iconic science fiction...
  13. TVC21

    Clear plastic hemispheres wanted!

    Hi, I`m looking for a source of, or someone who can manufacture for me, clear hollow plastic hemispheres, 24.5mm outer diameter, wall thickness 1mm. I`ve tried plastics manufacturers on the web, but none can do them that small. Tbh pushing a 23mm ball bearing into 1mm perspex/acrylic sheet would...
  14. TVC21

    Vac formed hemispheres needed

    Hi, I`m looking for someone who can make me some clear vac formed hemispheres in 10 and 25mm diameters, can anyone help? Chris
  15. TVC21

    Mike Mercury Puppet Head Sculpt

    Hi, I`ve been working on the attached for ages, its a Mike Mercury puppet head sculpt. Never attempt a puppet head sculpt before, favour for a mate, gentle feedback appreciated;