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uncle bill
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  • Hi Bill

    Mammas pointed me your way, im after a cast of the laser tank beek, can you provide please?


    Hi Bill

    I'm currently on a kick restoring and improving Captain Scarlet vehicles by Vivid Imagination and Dinky, but I need decals.
    Big Rab suggested I contact you about this... do you do decals? Basically I would need Spectrum roundels in all sizes starting at 6mm and going up to 10mm... say four in each sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12mm. Also a set of 'SPV' lettering to fit the Product Enterprise Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

    If you could get back to me you could let me know if this is doable? Apologies if you don't do decals.

    Thanks a lot

    Hi Bill, I'm looking for a set (possibly 2 sets) of cast parts for a studio scale SHADO Mobile. Can you help? Paypal awaits. Best regards, Bob Smith
    Hello Bill, hope all is well with you. Will you be bringing any of your kits to sell at the Eagle meet next month? I'm hoping to have my S.I.D. kit finished in time for it.

    All the best,
    Hey, I just got a look at one of your 44 inch spines and would love to have one for mine. Do you still have them, and if so how much? If you need here is my email address If I make something you want I can swap you as well. Thanks..Kev
    Hi Bill, I'm also after one of your Spectrum Hovercraft as well an an MEV. Any chance?

    Regards, Bob Smith
    Hi Albert, if you let me know the height of the "SKYDIVER" decal I can scale the rest to fit. £5 will get it to you. Regards
    Hey there! RCnut suggested I talk to you about getting hold of a set of decals for the 3ft Studio 2 Skydiver. I've been trying to find them for years! I mailed Comet Miniatures a few times, but no success. If you have them, please let me know how much you would part with them for! Thanks - Albert
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