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Recent content by VTracy

  1. VTracy

    Moonbase eternal- Dave Prowse We'll always have The Beta Cloud. Rest in Peace.
  2. VTracy

    Cellini's poetry

    The app Pluto TV has a channel Shout tv which re-runs a lot of Space 1999. Dragon's Domain is on and Keonig describes Cellini to Dr. Russell as, "The best amateur athlete I ever saw. A poet...…" Honestly, I don't see poetry coming from that guy, but anyway, I imagine it might be somewhat like...
  3. VTracy

    Space 1999 Marathon

    I know we've all seen the episodes, but it's still cool when it's on regular TV! Comet TV Marathon of Space 1999, Memorial Day!
  4. VTracy

    Deaths other Dominion question.

    I recently re-watched this episode and caught a line by Jack that I guess I had never paid attention to. Very early, Jack is convinced it is the Earths moon, stating: "It is the Earths moon. With a bite taken out of it." Is this the only reference in the series that even suggests there is...
  5. VTracy

    Should I build it?

    Celebrated my 53rd birthday back in February. I received this as a gift from my boys. I love it, but I'm not a model builder. I really wouldn't know where to start, so I came here for some expert advice! Any thoughts and/or info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. VTracy

    So long Opportunity

    Incredible science and information learned by these two rovers. They will be missed.
  7. VTracy

    New Year's Day!

    New Year's Eve! All day Space 1999!! Comet tv
  8. VTracy

    Ultima Thule, found!!

    From the New Horizon files: Pretty cool!
  9. VTracy

    Comet Tv

    Comet Tv channel will begin airing Space 1999 reruns starting this Saturday! Woohoo!!
  10. VTracy

    Brian the Brain: Who's in charge?

    So Brian the Brain kidnaps Koenig and Dr. Russell. Then Tony and Maya go after them. Alan Carter doesn't appear in the episode. So who's in charge of Alpha with Koenig, Russell, Tony and Maya gone? My money's on Yasko. Thoughts?
  11. VTracy

    Ceres...pretty cool 👍
  12. VTracy

    More Pluto!

    Great pics: If you scroll down, there is also a short video!
  13. VTracy

    Lush 2015

    Looks like the band Lush is getting back together. Featuring Miki Berenyi, daughter of Yasuko Nagazumi (Yasko) :)
  14. VTracy

    Pluto/new Horizons If anyone hasn't checked this site lately, it's been updated. Pretty cool stuff, especially from here on out as we all get closer! Enjoy.
  15. VTracy

    Big Bang Theory Not sure if this was posted? There used to be a thread about Space 1999 in media, but I can't find it. Anyway, the eagle is now part of a popular US sitcom!!