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Recent content by wvrs158

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    Space 1999 Year 2 blu ray

    Just saw this on another site. Hmmm.....
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    Eaglemoss launching GA Vintage Comic Collection

    Saw the news on Fanderson's site. Aside from the comics, has anyone heard if additional DIECAST MODELS are to be released (beyond Stingray, SPV and Thunderbird 2 already announced)? Here's hoping for ALL the Eagle variations (including a crashed version, the Metamorph version, and the one...
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    1. what's sixteen12 got up their sleeves? "new website coming". sure hope there's a 44" eagle transporter coming soon (i know, i know... i'm not holding my breath... but it would have been a great diversion!) or a new and improved stun gun and commlock! 2. and what ever became of harrop's eagle...
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    just picked up the latest star trek TOS release "landing party" 3-pack with phaser, communicator and tricorder boxed set. very cool! go ahead. drop them an email. tell them you'd love to see a space 1999 "landing party" 3-pack with stun gun, commlock and laser rifle! and, while they're at it...
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    Need help! Year One stun gun.

    Could someone please post some HD photos of the stun/kill selector on the Year One stun gun? I think the best shots were in Testament of Arcadia and Full Circle but there may have been more. Any photos will help. Thanks!
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    Pre-order Mk IX Hawk @ Entertainment Earth (USA)

    For those interested, the Mk IX Hawk appeared yesterday as "coming in November 2009". No photo yet. Also, noticed the reissued Eagle Transporter has sold out with more "coming in October 2009". They've got the Shado Mobiles listed "in-stock" too, but don't bother, they're old stock, not the...
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    good news... the new site is finally up... bad news...

    the 12" diecasts are history OFFICIALLY. well, so am i. good luck guys. thank you, and good night.