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  1. skiffy

    Eagle Resurrection

    Hi All! I'm hoping to resurrect this Eagle model I made almost a decade ago as part of Eric Bernard's 'Space 2099' TV project. (Now, that's going back a bit.) It's based (quite accurately, if I remember) on Eagle 1. I got the CD of reference pics from here YEARS ago and based it on those plus...
  2. skiffy

    Original BG miniatures up for auction

    Way, way out of my budget - but the catalog download is a treasure trove of great pics of ships from both Battlestar and Buck Rogers.
  3. skiffy

    Babylon 5 3d printed PPG

    So, I found a 3d file on thingiverse for the PPG from Babylon 5. I've always wanted to build one - and machining one from metal just isn't possible for me. The file needed some manipulation to make it easier to prepare for finishing. Initially all the detail on the body was in one piece. I...
  4. skiffy

    Kit-Bashed Dropship for 15mm figures

    I considered posting this in the tabletop section but it's really about the kitbashing. :) I've been working on my 15mm figures for GDW’s Traveler role-playing game and I want to have a drop-ship style craft for them. Found the hull of an old 1/72 Stryker APC. Added some pieces from a...
  5. skiffy

    R.I.P. Gareth Thomas

    71 is a good age but it's not old by any means these days. Sad to see another hero of my childhood slip away. Sweet dreams, Blake.
  6. skiffy

    'Space Island One' on Youtube

    This was a little known sci-fi series that lasted two seasons and aired on Sky in the UK in 1998. It was made about 10 miles from my home in a converted warehouse in the Isle of Man. I wasn't involved in the production but I did know some of the people involved and bought a couple of props...
  7. skiffy

    Great VFX book buy

    I saw this in my local bookshop and couldn't resist it. A fiver! I had a quick flick through and obviously there's photo articles on the usual Dr. Who, Blakes Seven etc but there's also great shots from The Tripods, Star Cops, and a host of others. That's my Easter weekend sorted. Happy...
  8. skiffy

    Space 2099 will be a thing?

    I appreciate that the latest on this might already have been reported here. I saw this: "ITV Studios America and HDFILMS, the company behind ABC's reimagining of "V," are prepping a contemporary iteration of the 1970s space franchise."...
  9. skiffy

    Classic Sci-fi image!

    One of the guys at (Malibubob) just posted this fabulous retro sci-fi image. How many space/fantasy/geek references can you spot?
  10. skiffy

    Space Station 76

    Wait a minute - I've seen that kind of corridor before - and those shirt collars, and those haircuts and plastic furniture!!
  11. skiffy

    Alien Isolation

    I put this in the PC/Console games section too - but the last post entry there was in June! This looks like a great game based on Ridley Scott's original Alien movie. 'Aliens Colonial Marines' was nothing special but this (for me) has hit the nail on the head as far as the feeling of seeing the...
  12. skiffy

    Alien Isolation

    This looks like a great game based on Ridley Scott's original Alien movie. 'Aliens Colonial Marines' was nothing special but this (for me) has hit the nail on the head as far as the feeling of seeing the first film back in '79, and the design is spot on. Here's the trailer...
  13. skiffy

    Space Engineers

    This sandbox style space exploration game looks very promising. It's still in development, but is available to buy and play whilst it's being worked on. Of course the first thing I built with it had to be an eagle. You only currently get one type of cockpit...
  14. skiffy

    1:18 scale APC playset

    Ever since the halcyon APC came out, and I tried in vain to scratchbuild an interior, I've been wrestling with the idea of trying to fit the inside into the outside - which everyone knows is impossible in real terms. Even so, it struck me that it might be possible to do something like the old...
  15. skiffy

    Incredible trailer for 'Gravity'

    This is a truly inspiring piece of film-making. I don't quite believe the 'One take' boast (there's a lot of CG in there) but it's damned impressive all the same.
  16. skiffy

    Destination Moon - behind the scenes in 1950

    I suppose this goes here - a fantastic early (1950) TV 'Behind the Scenes' promo of Destination Moon featuring interviews with director Irving Pichel, producer George Pal, Robert Heinlein and legendary artist Chesley Bonestell!
  17. skiffy

    Aoshima Aliens Dropship, AOC and PE 12" Eagle

    I'm selling my Aoshima 1/72 scale Aliens dropship and APC. They're both beautifully recreated die-cast models. I'm also selling a PE 12" Eagle. There's no box with this, but I'll find a regular box and pack it well. I've just decided to bite the bullet and go solo career wise and need the cash...
  18. skiffy

    The Mill At Calder's End

    Some great puppet work, background work, concept, cinematography, just beautiful. All live-action puppets with no CGI or bluescreen/compositing work. Inspiring stuff!
  19. skiffy

    A watch for my birthday be precise, an Omega Speedmaster replica with a velcro wrap-around band making this into a copy of the watches worn on all the moon landings. worn here by Buzz Aldrin. The long strap is to allow the watch to be worn outside the spacesuit during moon-walks. Maybe one day I'll...
  20. skiffy

    Palomino door

    Imagine my surprise when watching Disney's 'Black Hole' (1979) and what should appear on screen as Ernest Borgnine takes off in the Palomino leaving his companions stranded on the Cygnus? That door must have been made under contract, lol.