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    Blakes 7 K47 Plague Ship

    I thought the EMA cones were ridged inside like that so you could fit different diameters of pipe etc into them? Doesn't sound like what you have is from EMA
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    Liberator bracelet - a build and a question

    I made myself a Scorpio bracelet to go with the Liberator one I did. Mostly 3D resin printed this time (apart from the strap and the domes) Not my files - but a splendid chap called Chris who goes by the name Space Crafting. You can find his files for free on Thingiverse. Scorpio bracelet link
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    Making a Liberator

    Looks more than accurate enough to me. Great job!
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    22" Eagle and display pad

    The soft pastels work fine. You can brush them on lightly and blow off any excess before sealing. They give good coverage and don't go grainy. The picture above of the leg pods with the beak shows the light grey panels after I've clear coated. I used Games Workshop Munitorum varnish and it...
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    22" Eagle and display pad

    Had this Eagle for 2 or 3 years and finally decided to make a start. I didn't want to go for the aluminium bells as I could have bought another Eagle for the amount they cost, so I sprayed the engines with a Wilko silver spray can (good stuff) and used the C1 metalizer powder to add a reflective...
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    Ensor's flying robot

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    Liberator bracelet - a build and a question

    I've decided to make one or three Liberator teleport bracelets and would like some advice. I'm quite happy to post my full build details including measurements and graphic blueprints etc once I have them worked out to my satisfaction. My question is this: I have the appropriate EMA tubing but...
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    Pursuit Ship - build along with Barry

    Hello folks I decided to drop out of lurk mode and contribute something. Getting back into the modelling vibe lately I though it was time I tackled a studio scale scratch build. I'd always fancied trying it and being well aware of the "paralysis of analysis" (whereby you spend so much time...