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  1. badsimmonds

    My Studio 2 SPV

    Sorry for taking so long to answer but we've moved house and all the hassle that goes with it. Have you started your SPV yet? Once completed it will look great on display.
  2. badsimmonds

    Thunderbird 1 launch bay

    Excellent work Kevin and such attention to detail. Great stuff.
  3. badsimmonds


    Excellent work. I always love supercar as it was the first Anderson series I watched way back in the early sixties. One day I'd like to attempt a model of it but at the moment I'm moving house and have no idea when I'll be able to start work on it.
  4. badsimmonds

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    Incredible work absolutely fantastic. You must be so pleased with the results.
  5. badsimmonds

    Ensor's flying robot

    I think you need a warehouse Kevin with the amount of stuff you are producing, excellent work.
  6. badsimmonds

    Moon Bug RC vehicle

    Great stuff, I always like a moon bug.
  7. badsimmonds

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    Agreed with Kevin it looks fantastic, superb quality, you must finish it.
  8. badsimmonds

    ZeroX scratchbuild

    One of my favourite vehicles. I built a large one myself many years ago but alas no longer have it. What colour did you use as it looks spot on.
  9. badsimmonds

    My Comlock

    Hi Dark View As far as I can remember I got the grill from The Mesh Company on Ebay. I only bought a small amount of the mesh. I hope that answers your question. All the best with your project.
  10. badsimmonds

    TB2 scratchbuild

    Fabulous, I always wanted a TB2 but have been scared of attempting one as its such an awkward shape.
  11. badsimmonds

    Dalek Sec scratchbuild

    Very impressive Kevin. I know what you mean about size as I had three daleks at one time but had to sell two as I needed the money and the space.
  12. badsimmonds

    Liberator life rocket

    Hi Kevin Love your latest builds. I wish I could do some building but I'm stuck in the middle of a house move and have been unable to do anything for ages and it will be ages before everything settles down again. Look forward to see what else you come up with.
  13. badsimmonds

    My Moebius Cylon Raider kit

    After finishing my scratch build its back to a plastic kit and what a kit, after seeing it on a YouTube video I had to have one. The finished model will be 17 inches wide and 13 inches long which according to the blurb on the back of the box makes it studio scale. I have to admit I was never a...
  14. badsimmonds

    THunderbird One Remote Camera

    After the MK1 1999 Tank I decided to try my hand again at a scratch build. I finally chose the remote camera as it was small and seems relatively simple!. Next I had to think - studio scale or bigger, certainly bigger would be easier but I had a load of girder bridge parts namely the bits round...
  15. badsimmonds

    My Space 1999 UNCL Type 1 Laser tank

    When I finished my Moonbase 3 Buggy I thought that was that for models this year as we intended to move to another part of the country. But with the world going through a bad patch and stuck in house with nothing to do I managed to obtain an UNCL resin kit of the Type 1 Laser Tank. I'll be the...
  16. badsimmonds

    My Moonbase 3 Buggy

    I hope this is the right place to post this build. Anyway a lot of you may wondering why on earth am I building this vehicle as its not exactly an exciting design. Well although by todays standards the production values are low I still have a lot of affection for this series and the buggy in...
  17. badsimmonds

    Space 1999 Moon Buggy

    Continuing with my smaller projects this time its a Century Castings moon buggy. The finished kit is around 7" long and comes with the option of having headlights (all parts supplied) As you can see there are not many parts so hopefully it should complete with no major problems, though I have a...
  18. badsimmonds

    My 'Moon' Lunar Rover build

    With my large models all over the house and due to lack of available space I have to stick to smaller models at the moment. My latest is the superb UNCL 'Moon' Lunar Rover resin kit. When I say superb it really is with fantastic bubble free moulding and crisp clean lines I can thoroughly...
  19. badsimmonds

    My Comlock

    In the mid seventies just after the first series of 1999 was shown I built a comlock but unfortunately over the years it has disappeared so I thought it was time to build another. I know there are kits out there but I decided to scratch build using bits and bobs lying around the garage. I cut up...
  20. badsimmonds

    My Studio 2 SPV

    At the beginning of the year I decided to start my SPV model by Mamas. I chose the wrong time of the year to do this as it was so cold in the garage I could only spend just minutes at a time which meant progress was very slow. However with the warmer weather I've started in earnest again. As you...