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  1. EddieL


    I don't know if these are hand painted or digitally painted, but Manchu is a master artist. Enjoy. Cheers Eddie
  2. EddieL

    Bill George's 88" Eagle in a video interview

    Bill George interview. Cheers Eddie
  3. EddieL

    Rag tag fleet Eagle bash ship

    I knew that one of the background ships in the fleet had some Eagle parts on it, but I had never seen it from below. Now that I have, I was startled to see such prominent Hawk parts! Enjoy. Cheers Eddie
  4. EddieL

    A (heavily modified) MPC Eagle diorama

    Diorama by Chrisopher Doll: Cheers Eddie
  5. EddieL

    Space 1999 Commission - Zed Probe

    Holy mishmash Batman! Has anyone seen this piece by thomasthecat? It's quite spectacular: Cheers Eddie
  6. EddieL

    Thierry Beauvallet

    A very nice animation by Thierry Beauvallet. If the link ever goes bad do an Internet search for "Eagle Transporter - Cosmos 99". Cheers Eddie
  7. EddieL


    Is anyone here intending to go to Jerseyfest 2013? I like that they have the eagle in their poster. It truly is an iconic ship.
  8. EddieL


    Spotted the attached in a thread about the Intermodellbau 2013. It's a Y-Wing like mix of eagle and hawk. :wtf: Cheers Eddie
  9. EddieL

    Desktop Starships has a Space: 1999 section with some renderings I have not seen before. Enjoy. Cheers Eddie
  10. EddieL

    Deviant Art: AbaCreative

    Some really good CGI renderings in AbaCreative's UFO Season 2 gallery. Cheers Eddie
  11. EddieL

    Eagle appears in video

    The Eagle makes a couple of appearances in this video. "They have a lot in common" :lol: Cheers Eddie
  12. EddieL

    The work of Jean-Marc Deschamps

    The work of Olivier Cabourdin For those who have not seen his amazing work, have a look at Olivier Cabourdin's exhibition at the Migennes-Collector exhibit. (Not Jean-Marc Deschamps, thanks Alex.) He also provides wonderful build-up pictures: Hangar Launch Pad Main Mission Enjoy! Cheers Eddie
  13. EddieL

    Eagle in a new publication

    The Eagle will be making an appearance in a new publication called Spaceships of Science Fiction. I see it listed on the Contents page, but I have no idea what images of the Eagle they will be using. Hopefully it will be more than just a passing reference. Cheers Eddie
  14. EddieL

    Mateen Greenway

    Eagle, Hawk and commlock renderings.
  15. EddieL

    James Murphy

    Eagle renderings.
  16. EddieL

    James Adam

    Eagle renderings.
  17. EddieL

    Dean A. Scott

    Space: 1999 Eagle Launch animation.
  18. EddieL


    Eagle transporter Mark IX Hawk Eagle transporter - Rodavan Eagle transporter - Four Mad Men Eagle transporter - nico-r44 The Metaprobe revisited Gallery Gallery Re-imagined Eagle transporter
  19. EddieL

    Sci-Fi Air Show

    Sci-Fi Air Show Eagle Boneyard Millenium Eagle
  20. EddieL


    Stun gun and commlock Hawk and ultraprobe Eagle and other Gerry Anderson vehicles Eagle at waste disposal area Eagles Another eagle Some eagle orthographic views Eagle configurations