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  1. HUNCH

    Bernie- READ

    Tried twice to contact you. Need two (2) refunds for AMC membership as I was charged twice and can no longer afford it as I'm disabled. Requested refund- got charged again. make good. Thanks, Jim
  2. HUNCH


    Hey guys, I've finally stared my Replica Unlimited 23" (22"?) Eagle and upon closer inspection the command module (beak) sensor dished are devoid of any detail! The little lines that eminate from the center of the dishes are NOT PRESENT!:thumbdown: Now, I know people have made these sets along...
  3. HUNCH

    Thunderbirds Police Car/Helijet WIP

    :) First off yeah, I know there was no TB police Helijet on the show. But since I was building a police car (the AMT Silhoutte one) I thought it would be fun to do a fictional Police Helijet, and it should look pretty sharp when its finished.:yes: For the helijet, I will be using all of the...
  4. HUNCH

    WTB- Tiger Joe gunner & Honest John kit

    If anyone has a tiger Joe gunner or resin recast I'm in need:). Edit: found the honest john, just need gunner.
  5. HUNCH

    Wanted- 2 Ribbed Tiger Joe Wheels

    Just two of the ribbed ones, not the sprocketed ones. Resin recasts are fine :yes:. If anyone can help thanks, Jim
  6. HUNCH

    WANTED : PE VIP 12" Eagle

    If anyone has one (no box needed) at a reasonable price, please PM me :). Thanks, Jim
  7. HUNCH


    Moebius models just announced a reissue of the Aurora moonbus, possibly with optional upgraded windsheild for March 2010!:thumbup: Very happy camper here.:)
  8. HUNCH

    Does anyone have the WARP Hawk?

    I'm thinking of picking this up but would like input on its accuracy. I'm sure a lot of people here have it. Can anyone help me out? Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to put up the question,wasn't sure. Jim
  9. HUNCH

    Aoshima TB1 Speed Build

    Hi all, Thought I'd share my weekend project with you. The Aoshima TB1 speed build! This one is not going as fast as my Mole speed build, due to the seems and a few other things. I have decided to run with the decals, even though (as Slate pointed out in his thread) the word Thunderbirds is far...
  10. HUNCH

    Aoshima/Imai Mole kit

    I built this Aoshima Mole kit right out of the box. It was a speed build so I overlooked the problems with accuracy and and just did it.:D First, the parts painted
  11. HUNCH

    Aoshima (Imai) Sky 1 WIP

    Hello all, I was going to build this one "out of the box" until I opened it.:no: After reviewing the parts I decided to pick and choose my battles with this one. My only other option was to scratch-build it, but being stubborn I thought I'd just try to make it look a bit better instead. Keep in...