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    more star wars scratch built weapons

    Thanks very much for all your help Stephen, looks like I am going to be busy over the next few months, I have been asked by a gentleman named Jason Joiner about doing a commission build ( a six foot long Sulaco from aliens ) for a sci fi museum which is supposed to be opening in Milton Keynes...
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    more star wars scratch built weapons

    YERY NICE work Stephen. I had no idea what the weapon was based on but when you see the two together it is clear for all to see, I have also completed another couple of weapons maybe you can tell me which real guns they were based on then I can get...
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    more star wars scratch built weapons

    Hi every one, enjoying the change from build space craft and have just completed these weapons, let me know what you think and let me know of any ideas for future builds anything at all for a change rather than a space craft. every one keep safe regards Barrie ( the old...
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    scratc build of Becketts gun from the film solo

    Hi every one, just completed my latest scratch build here is Becketts gun from the film solo ( a great film by the way ) all made from plastic sheet, with no kit parts. When I began the build I thought that it would be quick and easy compared with my big space craft builds...
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    New Site Issues / Feedback

    thanks karr 1981 it helps a bit guess I am due some new specs.... regards Barrie ( the old who needs new glasses )
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    New Site Issues / Feedback

    HOME AT LAST, IT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN A WHILE, the new site is brilliant guys now I am going to have to up my model making to keep up. just one thing is there any way to make the message typing fonts any bigger I am after all an old guy who wears glasses and its very small at the...
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    star wars weapons scratch builds

    hello every one, thank you for the awards first of all an NO I can not stop building I just love making models, though I am having a break from space craft as you can see. I gave the star wars weapons a go and this is what I have come up with after a few weeks. A scratch...
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    Planet steam train scratch build

    Hello every one here as monty python would say is something completely different. I though I would have a changed from the future and go back to the past for a new model and here is my version of the Stephenson steam train the planet, I really enjoyed this build as it was a good break from sci...
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    Radiant Vii scratch build

    Hi every body and welcome back I thought my computer had done a runner when I lost the site I am glad that you are up and running once more. Here is my latest lump of plastic sheet held together with glue, the radiant v from star wars. All from sheet plastic with the exception of a few kits bits...
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    Pulse rifle m41a scratch build

    Hello every one, well I just had to have a go at this model, I loved the second alien film and like many saw the marines in action with pulse rifles blazing. So here it is my humble attempt at a pulse rifle, I managed to find a good drawing on the good old internet but it...
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    monobrake scratch build

    Hello every one, another pod vehicle here for you all to take a look at I have posted more images in the members build section, here are what they call the beauty shots ( well they would be if my painting was a lot better ) enjoy. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
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    monobrake scratch build

    hello every one, well here is my humble attempt at another pod vehicle, the monobrake which was only seen in one episode of the great show Thunderbirds. I hope that you will like it, be honest as this will help me when I have a go at another pod vehicle in the near future...
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    recovery vehicle scratch build

    Hi everybody, I have posted this in the thunderbird members build I hope that was right. any way here are some images of the build there are more in the members section. I hope you like it. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
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    Recovery vehicle scratch build

    Hi everybody, well lock down has made me get to grips with building some models I would not have built for a while and here is one of them a recovery vehicle from thunderbirds pit of peril. the model is a total scratch build apart from three bits from my spares box and two...
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    resistance is futile

    hi every one, I am afraid I have been assimilated by the BORG, they messed with my systems and made me scratch build a model of the tactical attack ship . I was not very happy about this situation I can tell you but once the BORG are in your head they are hard to shift. I hope...
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    THESE are the droids your looking for

    hello every one, I hope that you are all well and trying your best to keep your distance and get on with life in such strange circumstances. I have been sticking a few together and here is what came out, I had some spheres of different sizes so I began to try and make an R2D2 droid, and well as...
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    spares box overload scratch build

    Hi every one, had a pile of bits climbing out of my spares boxes so made use of them and turned them into a space fighter, there are loads of odd bits and pieces on it, but can anybody spot what the main centre piece of the build is. NO PRIZES, just for fun, I hope every body is...
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    lock down Narcissus scratch build

    Hi every one, I hope that you are all safe and like me hoping for a breakthrough in the fight with this terrible virus. Just before the lock down began I was asked to build a large version of the Narcissus from the film Alien, my friend and customer wanted a version to hang on...
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    VTOL space craft scratch build

    Hello every one, well here is another of my scratch builds, base on a Ron Cobb sketch and also with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet in mind I put this VTOL craft together, the main parts are plastic card and a lot of bits from my spares box, together with good old evergreen rod and tube. The...
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    death race 2000 mustang

    Hello guys, well this was a quick build ( not a scratch build ) but a conversion of a kit I bought a couple of years ago just for bits but thought that it would make a good death race car, so I gave it a go and here it is. The best thing about this build was that I could go mad...