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  1. blondgod

    International Thing/Universal Thing

    As a kid in rural Missouri (redneck USA), seeing Space:1999 upon its debut really opened my eyes and awareness to the world and universe around me. It made me realize there was so much more out there from my little neck of the woods. And you know I just had to move onward and upward. Thank you...
  2. blondgod

    Halloween Season... Scariest Episode?

    With Halloween and all things scary coming up in October, which episode do you feel is the most frightening? Which episode or episodes do you feel would make for perfect viewing on 10/31 Halloween night? Pick your episodes, turn out the lights, turn up the volume, and prepare to be frightened...
  3. blondgod

    Blade Runner Final Cut uses S:99 sound f/x

    The arthouse I'm a projectionist at is playing Blade Runner Final Cut. I have heard identical sound effects from S:99 in several scenes. Specifically sound effects from machines and equipment. There is one scene in particular in Blade Runner that uses sound bites from The Dorcons and Dorzak...