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    Cromford Mills Science Fiction Exhibition Album

    Hello, a few weeks ago I ventured out having learned of an exhibition by model builders such as David Sissons who scratch build and restore Anderson models. An original 44 inch studio scale Eagle was amongst the exhibits, leading me to improve on my original LEGO effort which I've mentioned in...
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    Hawkwing on LEGO Ideas

    Poor old Terrahawks - quiet in here, and my project on LEGO Ideas seems to be the first Terrahawks attempt there ever! Please have a look and see what you think, it's free to support and at the time of writing there are several other Gerry Anderson projects of mine on the go. Thank you! Hawkwing
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    Stingray on LEGO Ideas

    Like my Eagle Transporter, this is an adaptation of the original for playability reasons which is up for support on LEGO Ideas. It's only the second time someone has tried this but at time of writing it has over 300 supporters! It's free to support so please do have a look, thank you! Stingray...
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    LEGO Eagle Transporter in need of support!

    Hello one and all! Despite working through lockdown I've found time to complete some Gerry Anderson inspired LEGO Ideas projects, the most recent of which is an Eagle Transporter. For reasons of playability, it's unusual in that it only seats one minifigure in order to keep the piece count...
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    Hello from Yorkshire

    My first post seems to have vanished, so hello all! Nice to find a home for a very fondly remembered old toy of mine, that never had four main engines, and which I once made more authentic by sticking its nose in the fire for a carbon scoring sort of effect. Lucky it was metal really!