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  1. mimrie

    Anderson Tea Set

    Daughter got a birthday coming up? Here's the ideal gift.... These tea sets first appeared in Supercar and appeared in every series up to (and including) Thunderbirds; a bit too big for the 'more realistic scale' puppets. It was sold by Amersham Toys but probably produced by Bilton Pottery. I've...
  2. mimrie

    Matchbox toys used in Thunderbirds

    I think I've finally solved the Stingray tractor puzzle.... As mentioned in the previous post its essentially the same vehicle as the hauler that appears in the Fireball episode Dangerous Cargo. It's made of two items; 1. The base is a Triang Minic Sherman Tank. These are large (8inch) clockwork...
  3. mimrie

    Post your last Gerry Anderson related purchase!

    Its the innards from a Sperry Directional Gyro; these were used in the vast majority of allied aircraft in WW2 including the Spitfire. The image shows the Sperry gyro rear mounted in a Spitfire cockpit; usually the control yoke sits directly in front of it (there are at least four other Anderson...
  4. mimrie

    Post your last Gerry Anderson related purchase!

    Saw this on e-bay and couldn't resist it. Needs a good clean but makes a fine paperweight! Mick.
  5. mimrie

    Font used on Thunderbird 1

    Try having a look at this thread... Mick
  6. mimrie

    Dollhouse Anderson

    Here's a mad idea...Anderson sets at Dollhouse scale (1/12). The early series had sets which were roughly 10 foot square (Black Rock Lab, Space City Control Room etc) and were approximately 1/3 scale. If these were reduced to 1/12 scale then they would be 2ft6ins square and not an unreasonable...
  7. mimrie


    Here's a small update to the dashboard model and probably quite close to the final version Mick
  8. mimrie

    3D Printing, Kit part database and Rogue One

    Another scan, this time of a Lone Star Stingray Gun; I know it's not a kit part therefore not strictly suitable for this thread, but it did appear in very briefly in a Thunderbirds episode. Anyway, scanned as before using the Einscan SP, this is the scan straight off the scanner rendered in...
  9. mimrie

    Space 1999 Prop modelling in Fusion 360

    Those look really good. Were the renders done in Fusion 360 as well? I gave up on Fusion when they changed the terms and conditions a while back and moved over to FreeCAD though I don't do all that much in CAD software.
  10. mimrie


    I've started on the cockpit instruments... This is an amalgam of the various human size instrument panels seen in the show - see the mash-up I did of screen grabs. The gauges and switch gear are scaled down to fit the puppet sized Supercar prop; the control yoke mounts are left full size, as...
  11. mimrie

    Picture needed for project

    Here's a very similar screen grab which I've manipulated a bit to try to correct the perspective; very quick and dirty. The original is on the right.
  12. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    No, Scott is from the range of "GI Joe/Action Man" style dolls from Big Chief Studios and is about 13 inches tall (just over half the size of the puppet props).
  13. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm afraid there's been no real interest in making this to available for purchase and I don't think the finances really stack up unless the big parts were going to be cast from moulds of the 3d prints and thats something I'm not set up for.
  14. mimrie


    Here's another of my 'lockdown' projects.... Back in 1998 Austin Tate and I collaborated on a CG model of Supercar - see Austins Site. This was a very successful model and made freely available in many formats; almost any search for Supercar will bring up an image of the model. However as a...
  15. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    Thanks Kevin; You can still see the layer lines from the 3D print on the clay surface but it doesn't spoil the effect too much. Silk Clay does shrink significantly as it drys (up to about 25%) so you have to leave it for a few days before cutting to shape. It stays reasonably flexible, a bit...
  16. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    Thanks chaps for your kind words. I don't currently have an indoor space which allows me to sand/paint etc AND stay married so everything goes on hold over the winter. I have been struggling as well to find a way to model the quilted vinyl seat covers but think I can probably use silk clay in a...
  17. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    This is an old model that I've never shared here. As you can see I rarely 'finish' my models, once I've got the geometry sorted out I tend to move on to whatever's next. Mick
  18. mimrie

    K9 scratchbuild

    Absolutely brilliant
  19. mimrie

    TB1 Mobile Control Unit

    Hi all, Hope everyone is keeping well and using their lockdown time constructively. This is one of the many projects I've been working on....the Thunderbird 1 Mobile Control Unit. I made this all in Cinema4D (V20). I started with a screen grab from Vault of Death (VoD_ScreenGrab.jpg) and used...
  20. mimrie

    Transporter Pod on auction

    An original Eagle pod up for grabs starting at £7500 at Lots of high quality images (too big to post them all here). Selling tomorrow. Mick