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  1. karr1981

    NEW KIT FROM WARP MODELS - 1:1400 PHOENIX NEBULA Conversion Kit (For Ertl Enterprise D)

    Hi Everyone, We are pleased to announce a new release from our friends @ Warp Models, following on from the hugely popular Honshu conversion kit, they have today announced the Phoenix Nebula Conversion kit. This model allows you to convert a ERTL Enterprise D (not included) to a Phoenix...
  2. karr1981

    New Kit Arrivals

    Hi Guys, We have just received a small number of new releases, including the Wacky Races Compact Pussycat and the Cobra Chopper Trike (part of the Trick Trikes Series from MPC) Head on over to check out these and our other new releases -
  3. karr1981

    NEW! Warp Models - 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug!

    Hi Everyone, Warp Models is working on a brand new 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug Kit! The Kit is being designed in scale with the existing Warp Starship Trooper Bug! Diorama kits (available from our site) I have attached the current in progress pictures and Warp is releasing regular...
  4. karr1981

    Warp Models Starship Troopers Tanker Bug Model Kit Development

    Hi Guys, We have just received the latest 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug development progress pictures from Warp Models, showing the Body coming together and mocked up against the already designed thorax and Head parts. This is going to be an amazing kit! Pre-order yours now for only a £25...
  5. karr1981

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Hi Guys, If you see spot any issues or have any feedback please feel free to post it here. The site is running on a default theme whilst we check functionality, once we are happy the move is successful we will put a new theme in place. THanks for your patience whilst we made the move, and a...
  6. karr1981

    Above & Beyond Offer for ETF Members

    Hi Everyone, We hope you are all well as we progress through this crazy year. As we continue to see and hear about various additional restrictions and lockdowns around the world, its likely many of us will be spending more time indoors than planned in the next few months. To try and help in...
  7. karr1981

    Warp Models - 1/537 (12" Wingspan) Klingon Bird of Prey kit - PREORDER DEPOSIT

    Hi Everyone, In partnership with Warp Models we are pleased to announce the planned re-release of their great 1/537 (12" Wingspan) Klingon Bird of Prey kit The kit is a mixed media kit with resin and white metal parts. Designed in scale with the Ertl and Warp 1/537 kits The kit will be...
  8. karr1981

    NEW! Warp Models - 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug! - PREORDER NOW

    Hi guys, We are now taking pre-orders for this exciting new kit from Warp Models Coming October/November on pre-order basis. Limited production run, so book early or you might not get one. Mixed media resin Model kit...
  9. karr1981

    How to cut / trim your VacForm parts from sheets

    As we are now selling a range of Vac Formed Dalek parts, Captain Scifi has compiled this helpful little guide to cutting the parts from the sheet 1)Cut a length of wood 13mm thick (most home centres sell 1/2" planed wood for trim) 2) Fix one end of a 300mm hacksaw blade to it with a small...
  10. karr1981

    Blakes 7 Model Kits

    Hi Guys, We have a small selection of great Blakes 7 Resin Model kits from Masterpiece Models (in alliance with Titan Find) available, a great Christmas present B7 Liberator - £134.95 B7 Scorpio - £94.95 B7 Chase Craft £54.95 B7 Pursuit Craft - £54.95 Shipping calculated based on order and...
  11. karr1981

    Masterpiece Models Kits arriving this week

    (UK & EU) Hi Guys, we are this week receiving an initial selection of scifi kits from the great Masterpiece Models, we have a limited number of each of these amazing kits available so please order quickly if you want any, you can order via our website or via comment / pm...
  12. karr1981


    (UK & EU) Hi Guys We have a limited number of the amazing Polar Lights 950 - 1/350 Star Trek Klingon K'T'Inga model kit in stock now - Our Price £124.95 +P&P Grab one...
  13. karr1981

    New 1/72 Star Trek Work Bee Kits

    Hi Guys, We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Cozmic Scale Models ,we are now exclusively stocking a cool range of 1/72 Star Trek Work bee resin kits, plus a Shuttle Pod and Travel Pod You can check out the range here - we have a...
  14. karr1981

    AMT, MPC, Moebius and Polar Lights kits

    Hi Guys, We have just received a big shipment from the US of scifi kits from from the key brands, Moebius, Polar Lights, AMT and MPC. You can check them all out in our latest arrivals here - Any questions just leave a comment or drop me a PM
  15. karr1981

    *FOR SALE* ABR Models TB4 Limited number release

    Hi Guys, ABR Models (Above and Beyond Retail Models) Are pleased to announce that following our purchase of the impressive TB4 project masters from Andrew Grimshaw we are doing a limited number re-release of this kit. This kit is 31" when built and is a replica of the largest model used in the...
  16. karr1981

    Limited number of MPC 8916 Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Model Kits for sale

    Factory Sealed as new MPC 8916 - Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Model Kit £40 each plus shipping 10 available Pm me or head here to order -
  17. karr1981

    NEW - Coastal Kits Display Bases

    Hi Guys, We have just received an initial sample order of some cool display bases from Coastal kits, and we included a few of their Sci-fi Bases. All their bases are great quality and available at a great price, if these samples sell well we will be expanding towards stocking their full range...
  18. karr1981

    *INCOMING* Masterpiece Models 1/77th scale (31") Disney Nautilus Model (RC Suitable)

    *INCOMING* Masterpiece Models 1/77th scale (31") Disney Nautilus Model (RC Suitable) Hi Guys, We have a very limited amount of this impressive kit on their way from USA due in the next couple of weeks, as such we are taking reservations now, please comment below or send me a pm if you wish to...
  19. karr1981


    !!!AOSHIMA CHRISTMAS!!!! Look what arrived this week Reserved orders have been fulfilled, and remaining stock is now going into general sale, if you see anything you want please get in touch to buy, we have a nice mix of kits as shown in the pics below. SciFi 00359 - THUNDERBIRDS 1/72 THE...
  20. karr1981

    Welcome to Firestorm!

    Welcome to the Firestorm Forum, where you are free to discuss all aspects of this exciting new project / Series If you havent yet, check out the Minisode here -