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  1. Captain Sci-Fi

    Federation Pursuit Ship

    My best source for anything Blakes 7 would be Phil Stevens, I'll message him.
  2. Captain Sci-Fi

    Joe 90 Hover van

    That looks very Mike Trim, excellent result Kevin especially the night time image the lights are excellent.
  3. Captain Sci-Fi

    Joe 90 Hover van

    Hi Jim, Any chance of an image or two, is it carved from wood or is it a fiberglass creation?
  4. Captain Sci-Fi

    Thunderbird Three new kit - 3d resin parts

    Here are images of the resin and acrylic kit parts, I just need to add the metal components and print the instructions. Interestingly the parts seem to change colour in different lighting conditions but they are closer to the first desktop image and not blue at all. A couple of people have asked...
  5. Captain Sci-Fi

    Looking for 3D file for Eagle Command Module Help

    Hi George, Arthur twosheds at the deviant art site has this blueprint available which looks decent. Spend time to check details against screenshots:
  6. Captain Sci-Fi

    Thunderbird Three new kit - 3d resin parts

    Hello All, What did you do during lockdown? I decided to crack the black magic of 3D modelling software and printing technologies. This Thunderbird Three model is a replica of the 26" studio miniature and was based on a model project I acquired from the talent of Bob Smith (one half of AB...
  7. Captain Sci-Fi

    TV21 issues for sale

    All offers considered PM me. I will ship in a postal tube, delivery is at cost. I can provide images of any issue just PM me your email address. Universe Edition Numbers: 9 £20.00 19 £20.00 26 £20.00 30 £20.00 32 £20.00 33 £20.00 35 £20.00 36 £20.00 38 £20.00 41 £20.00 42...
  8. Captain Sci-Fi

    New series - The Pilot

    I liked it! I just have this niggle about the sexuality issues.... why are they issues? I watch and enjoy Dr Who partly because it is good escapist entertainment far from the mundane and ordinary routine. Maybe it's just me but I think sexual or gender orientation is everyday, show me something...
  9. Captain Sci-Fi

    Email addresses

    Hi Guys, in an effort to knock down a large amount of error message traffic I need all users to pop over to their user profiles and check that their email address is up to date. There are many users subscribed to threads requesting email alerts when new posts are added, these messages are...
  10. Captain Sci-Fi

    Absent friends

    I thought it was appropriate that with so many sad losses that we have a thought for all our absent friends, family fellows and acquaintances. Please feel free to add anyone you would like to be fondly remembered here. Gone but not forgotten, we celebrate a good life and we are thankful for...
  11. Captain Sci-Fi

    Thunderbird 4 Studio Scale Model

    Hi Guys, During my absence I had long periods of idle activity and to stave off boredom I started to doodle a blueprint for my favourite Thunderbird and have decided to take the plunge and build it. I managed to find the original blueprint used at Master models that was published in Century 21...
  12. Captain Sci-Fi

    Cosford 2014 - what else

    How far is it from the hotel to the Cosford site exactly? Circumstances are dictating I can't drive at the moment so wife is delivering me to the hotel and collecting me from the venue on Sunday. So if anyone is commuting from the hotel to the venue will they have room for a small (ish) one...
  13. Captain Sci-Fi

    Blake Killer Gun

    Hi guys, Andy has asked me to post this image of the remains of the original Blake killer gun prop. This is how it was modified for use in Captain Zepp a later show made at the BBC as an adventure series for children. I remember seeing many models and cool props from this show and was always...
  14. Captain Sci-Fi

    ebuyer beware

    Hi Guys, Recast puppet heads have been appearing on ebay recently, usually cast in white resin and going for anywhere between £25.00 - £40.00. At first glance they may seem to be perfectly acceptable additions to the collection, all is not what it seems however. I am not telling anyone not to...
  15. Captain Sci-Fi

    Johnny Lightning wheel

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a Johnny Lightning truck wheel if anyone has such a thing I need to mould one so possibly a loan would do it. :D Message me here or at Thanks guys. :D
  16. Captain Sci-Fi

    Replica Spectacles

    Hi Guys, I had an interesting request recently to supply a set of puppet scale spectacles for an original Maclaine puppet. By sheer coincidence I managed to track down an original pair owned by a good friend. Even better he loaned them to me to copy. Here is the image of the said glasses:
  17. Captain Sci-Fi

    More single bells

    Single Bells for sale Bell 4: Material: Aluminium, dia 45, mm, len 30 mm, Weight 77 gms, polished finish Bargain price at £6.00 . If you want any of these items post a reply here and send payment via paypal to, please add a note with your forum name so I can match...
  18. Captain Sci-Fi

    One off engine bells sale - perfect for scratchbuilding

    I am having a clear out to start a new project and have a few parts to sell: Single Bells for sale First come first served on these, these make any scratch build more professional and are a bargain at £5.00 . There is only one of each type and when they are gone they are gone. :D Bell 1...
  19. Captain Sci-Fi

    Cap'n on Deck - Gemini Force 1 synopsis announced..!

    Hi ETF World, Important news to share, Jamie Anderson has posted a brief synopsis and details of the kick starter scheme to make Gerry's Gemini Force 1 a reality in book form. It's brilliant to have Jamie posting details on the forum, I'm hoping he will make this a regular thing to keep us all...
  20. Captain Sci-Fi

    Original Warrior Tripod hero prop

    Hi Guys, Our forum friend, Andy Hopkinson has let me photograph his original screen used, hero prop of the BBC TV series Tripods fighting machine. This actually took place during a visit to photograph the original Moonbase model from Space:1999 when he owned it. We were discussing all things...