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  1. Slate Mcleod

    Has the Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama been delayed?

    Hu guys, Anybody know if the Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama been delayed? I thought it was due a Christmas release but when I checked my pre-order with Jumblies Models they say its now due March 2018? When I check Timeless Hobbies they appear to have it available to ship right now?
  2. Slate Mcleod

    Nuclear Canister Question

    Started the new Round 2 today. Screen grabs show the Nuclear Canisters as white but I see many going for Mike Reader's aluminium versions...only question is why ? I know Mikes look better but did they ever appear in the TV show that way ? I don't re-call.
  3. Slate Mcleod

    My Second Eagle - Round2 22 inch Med Pod diarama in progress

    Someone suggested I make a diarama type base for my second Eagle, so today I took the wooden top from an old side table, coated it with a mix of polyfilla, coffee granules and sugar for texture, and some black acrylic paint. I spread it across the suface of the board like a grey mix, then...
  4. Slate Mcleod

    New Comlock Kits on the run.

    Not sure if this has been posted here before, but just in case, A.J. Catalano-Torres proposes a limited run of twenty specially engineered Comlocks. You can put electronics in these and run actual video from a screen if you need too. The space exists inside the prop and all the buttons are (at...
  5. Slate Mcleod

    My Quick Comlock

    Here are some images of a Space 1999 Comlock I made a month or two ago. It's wooden blocks, laminated in plastic card, then the buttons were added. I know the font on the numbers is incorrect, but it will suffice for now until I can get some decals printed up. Total cost only about £30. It was...
  6. Slate Mcleod

    My Completed Round 2 22inch Eagle.

    Finally completed! Six weeks work, over 3500ml of paint, 5 bottles of super-glue and various other assorted modelling materials to bring this to fruition. Pod is held in place by magnets, and Command Module is illuminated. If I do anything else it will be to change the springs in the leg pods...
  7. Slate Mcleod

    I love this version of the UFO theme !

    You may have heard this before but I think it's awesome :)
  8. Slate Mcleod

    Happy New Year !

    I won't be online tomorrow so wanted to wish every member of this forum an advanced Happy New Year ! You guys rock and I'm truly inspired by some of the magic I see each time I login ! I hope each and everyone of you has a fabulous 2014 ! (maybe you can complete the Eagle at last Daz R ?? ha ha )
  9. Slate Mcleod

    Alps Decals not seperating from carrier film ?

    Anyone ever had this problem before ? These are some quite old ALPS decals from J-Bot. Granted I must have had them 18 months and they may have been old before they were dispatched (I waited at least 6 months for them). They just stubbornly refuse to separate from the carrier film - in the...
  10. Slate Mcleod

    A737 on the Angel Interceptor tailplane ?

    Every toy, model etc I've ever seen of the Angel interceptors all use the A737 numbering but presumably there were other registration numbers for the other Aircraft ? I don't recall seeing anything but the "A737" on screen either, but am hoping someone more knowledgeable will be able to explain...
  11. Slate Mcleod

    Uncl 1/48th Angel Interceptor - Build

    Pulled out the old 1/48 scale Angel from Uncl Bill today. Not perfect as Bill has admitted many a time, but his casting skills are still second to none. Almost no bubbles in the resin...that dude pours slowly ! A few symmetrical issues...not all Bill's fault...we all know resin has a a nature to...
  12. Slate Mcleod

    Can you ever finish a model ?

    I have to confess I have been building for over 40 years but only a fraction of what I start ...maybe a fifth actually ever gets finished...and sometimes that can take years ! I know my friend Mr Knight is the same as he rarely finishes anything too ! I expect we all have partly made projects in...
  13. Slate Mcleod

    007 DB5 Model - Virtual

    Hi all, although a virtual model only I thought Bond fans may enjoy this little video I made of my recently completed Bond gadget DB5. This was created in Blender and then imported into Second Life piece by piece. Then scripted so all of the gadgets work. It also drives, can carry a passenger...
  14. Slate Mcleod

    Comic Con 2013

    A friend of mine took this video of Comic Con this weekend. So wish I'd have been there ! Looks cool !
  15. Slate Mcleod

    Decent scribing tool for panel lines?

    Guys...can anyone recommend a good scribing tool for re-engraving panel lines into vinyl kits ? As usual in the construction process many of the lines get sanded away. To put them back in the past I've used a sharp X-acto blade and a straight edge but this isn't ideal and never really matches...
  16. Slate Mcleod

    Cloudbase -Looking for profile pics or accurate drawings

    I've never seen a scratch build of Cloudbase and it doesn't look that hard to make. I imagine the scale is generally what puts people off. I know the original model was about 6 foot long but I'm thinking of making a 3 foot miniature. Problem is it's SO hard to get hold of decent reference...
  17. Slate Mcleod

    Anyone built the UNCL Angel Interceptor Kit ?

    I'm really tempted to get this from Comet at it's now reduced price but was wondering if anyone here has already built one and if they could give me a quick review? Photo's would be really helpful. I know that UNCL has been producing these since around 2003 but I'm not sure if the version...
  18. Slate Mcleod

    Sky 1 Restoration Project about to begin....

    Hi all.... It's about time I started my LONG overdue restoration of this Sky 1 model.... Now I believe this is one of the original "Studio 2" resin Sky 1's from some years ago, coming in at a respectable 22 inches in length (approx). It has no cockpit interior as the later releases do. I do...
  19. Slate Mcleod

    UNCL Thunderbird Three Completed

    Ok ...finally completed my UNCL TB3 after taking weathering advice from others on this forum. I think it turned out pretty good and I'm more than pleased with it. A few pics below and a short review of the pro's and con's of the kit... Castings of all parts were of the excellent quality...
  20. Slate Mcleod

    Thunderbird Three Weathering Advice

    Hi all. Haven't posted here in some time due to my rather pressing "real life", but have almost completed my version of the UNCL Thunderbird Three resin kit. I only have the weathering yet to finish and I'm truly not sure what route to go down. The rocket just doesn't look right in my opinion...