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  1. Steve Gerard


    Was the short video film RETURN OF VICTOR BERGMAN (2010) ever sold on a dvd with or without MESSAGE FROM MOONBASE ALPHA (2002) short film?
  2. Steve Gerard

    EAGLE Set Passenger Pod door & stairs pic

    I never saw this interesting Season one EAGLE Set Passenger Pod door & stairs pic. :thumbup:
  3. Steve Gerard

    Why no Altares model appearance?

    I am curious, does anyone know why the Altares model from The Day After Tomorrow:Into Infinity(1975) was never re-used in an episode of Space:1999? Was it even considered by Gerry Anderson to be used? It was an impressive model. :think:
  4. Steve Gerard

    2010:The Year We Make Contact(1984) spacesuits

    Besides the obvious thoughts that the second novel should not have been filmed at all. Or that no sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 2001:A Space Odyssey(1968 ) was needed. Peter Hyams attempt with original cast members Keir Dullea and Douglas Rain plus the recast Heywood Floyd(Roy Scheider) was...
  5. Steve Gerard

    Space:1999 is still retro cool...

    Brief article at this link: Keith Wilson's production designs and Brian Johnson's special effects are part of what made Space:1999 still so impressive.
  6. Steve Gerard

    2010 Discovery 1 Pod still onboard?

    Since in 2001:A Space Odyssey the Discovery's Pod A, Pod B and Pod C all left the ship, then why was one still on board in 2010 ? spoilers(just in case someone has not seen, it is in white color below ): The first Pod was lost with Poole was killed by HAL, the second was lost when Bowman...
  7. Steve Gerard

    Russian catacombs of the Moon Base

    Russian Catacombs Of The Moon Base ;) interesting idea to use existing caves...:think:
  8. Steve Gerard

    Original Space Academy model status?

    Filmation's live-action Saturday morning 1977-78 tv series Space Academy and it's sequel 1978-1980 tv series Jason Of Star Command both used a starship called Space Academy/Star Command. The filming miniature model disappeared after it's use in 1977-1980 and never was reused in another tv...
  9. Steve Gerard

    Nick Tate speaks July 2010

    Nick Tate speaks at Journey To Where Convention July 2010, it is a video link from Australia to the Texas convention. It is worth watching this July 2010 statement which closes with his opinion of Fred Freiberger involvement in Year 2.:clap: go to this link and choose the Nick Tate video...
  10. Steve Gerard

    What science-fiction SET disappointed you?

    What science-fiction SET disappointed you? Maybe you read a sci-fi novel and when you saw the movie adaptation they failed to recreate a setting described. What Set was a true failure to capture your imagination and live up to the expectations of a scene(s) that it was featured it.:rant: Let us...
  11. Steve Gerard


    My first choices are.:think: Simply perfect group. I am sure Stanley Kubrick thought these out. I want to honor this ETF by choosing a Space:1999 poster. Although misleading, since no Mark IX Hawk appeared in the two part "Bringers Of Wonder"....the artist should have used the Super...
  12. Steve Gerard

    Color-coded uniforms anyone?

    Based on the mixed reaction to the New DOCTOR WHO colors of Daleks, what is your opinion on all the COLOR-CODED UNIFORMS in science-fiction(British and non-British too)...good, bad or ugly? STAR TREK original series Star Trek TNG Star Trek DS9 Star Trek Voyager SPACE:1999 ARK II...
  13. Steve Gerard

    Do you have a favorite SET built for a non-Anderson Movie or TV series?

    Do you have a favorite SET actually built full-scale (not C.G. or not Matte or not miniature) for a non-Anderson Movie or TV series? My first example: NCC-1701-A Enterprise Class HANGAR DECK SET from the 1989 movie STAR TREK 5 Final Frontier. I think that the early scene when the...
  14. Steve Gerard

    EAGLE reimagined as Star Trek's RUNABOUT

    I think that the production designers of STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE 1993-1999 were inspired by the EAGLE TRANSPORTER when designing the Starfleet RUNABOUT Danube Class of DS9 and the sole appearance in the Next Generation episode "Timescape" or the sole appearance of the Starfleet RUNABOUT...
  15. Steve Gerard

    UFO:1999 fan made parody episodes Look what I found. This is a funny UFO and Space:1999 parody.:lol: If you go to YOUTUBE and enter 'UFO:1999' you will find an group of episodes.
  16. Steve Gerard

    Graham Bleathman and/or Chris Bentley Technical Manual / Illustrated Cross-sections?

    As they have successfully done for THUNDERBIRDS and UFO, will Graham Bleathman & Chris Bentley ever do a Technical Manual / Illustrated Cross-sections book for SPACE:1999? Graham Bleathman and or Chris Bentley doing a Technical Manual / Illustrated Cross-sections book for...
  17. Steve Gerard

    SPACE:1970 Blog SPACE:1970 BLOG appreciates the Science-Fiction Television and Movies of the 1970s:thumbup:...including the absolutely only reason why I would mention it to you fellow Eagle Transporter...
  18. Steve Gerard

    DECEMBER 18th , 2009

    EAGLE TRANSPORTER FORUM is a brilliant creation. A vast library of knowledge and conversations.:yes: Thank you for the extremely hard work by the blood, sweat and tears of EAGLE, TonyB, CR , w8cmp and all the should know it was a job well done.:thumbup: Whatever the day...
  19. Steve Gerard

    what SPACE:1999 CHARACTER would you go to a Convention as?

    Halloween time, so what Gerry Anderson SPACE:1999 CHARACTER would you go to the ANDERSON 2010 CONVENTION as? Even if you have never or would never...just state the costume you would wear?:) :whistle::gossip::ono::&::jest::thumbup:
  20. Steve Gerard

    First Season right, Sesond Season wrong?

    There are many TV Series that got it right immediately in the SEASON ONE, before changing in SEASON TWO: SPACE:1999 1975-1977Season One:)...Season #2 went a different direction:think:...unfortunately, the Season#3 1978 never happened to return to Season One perfection. LOST IN SPACE 1965-1968...