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  1. MoonbaseAlpha

    RIP Peter Miles

    With regret, I'm sad to report that Peter Miles passed away last week, at the age of 89. Most of us will know him from his numerous rolls in Doctor Who and Blakes'7, most notably as Nyder (Davros's sidekick) in the classic Doctor Who story "Genesis of the Daleks". Andy H.
  2. MoonbaseAlpha

    Original B7 prop, Dayna's Harp from Sarcophagus

    “I left my world, To wander in, this endless midnight sky, For space is just a starry night, Where no suns ever rise...” Hi guys, Here's a few photos of the original prop of Dayna's harp from the season 3 episode Sarcophagus. It's quite an integral prop to the story, seen all the way through...
  3. MoonbaseAlpha

    Original DW gun, Armageddon Factor

    Hi Guys, Here's an original gun from Doctor Who, Tom Baker era. It's Shapp's gun from The Armageddon Factor, the last story from The Key to Time season. It's still in it's damaged state (I did think about repairing it), but because it was damaged ON SCREEN I haven't... When Shapp walks into the...
  4. MoonbaseAlpha

    Thunderbirds Documentary

    Hi guys, I was flicking through the Radio Times for this week and came across this documentary. It's called Filmed in Supermarionation on Wednesday at 9pm on Sky Arts. Know idea what it's going to be like, but thought I'd give you the heads up. Andy H
  5. MoonbaseAlpha

    Some bad and good news about Paul Darrow

    Sorry to be the one to tell you this. Last October Paul had a aurtic anurism (may have spelt that wrong) Luckly a friend was staying with him, and she rung 999. In hospital they said that if she hadnt been there he would have been dead in half an hour, they did an operation which sorted it, but...
  6. MoonbaseAlpha

    Solar Eclipse of the Sun 2015 in UK

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd mention this but on 20th March this year, we are going to experience a near total eclipse of the Sun in the UK ! It will happen on Friday 20th March, starts at 8.20am, Maximum 9.32am, Last contact 10.41am. The last time this happened in the UK was 1961 and the next will...
  7. MoonbaseAlpha

    Back to the Future, erm maybe not...

    Hi Guys, Hope all had a good Xmas Day. Just watching the reruns of the Back to the Future films on ITV (in the UK). Apparently, in a few days time in 2015, we will be all driving hover cars and boards, we are still using CRT TV's, and have invisible dog walkers... And we don't have the...
  8. MoonbaseAlpha

    Replica Tripod up for sale...

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd mention this... There's a replica red gunner Tripod up for sale on The Prop Gallery. I'm saying this because, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME, and I want to distances myself from this... It says it has a couple of bits...
  9. MoonbaseAlpha

    RIP Lynda Bellingham

    Sad to report that Lynda died in her husbands arms yesterday. She had been suffering from colon cancer for a year and hoped to see her last Christmas with her family. she was only 66. She was of course in Doctor Who and Blakes 7, but really best known as the Oxo Mum in a whole series of...
  10. MoonbaseAlpha

    B7 Original Liberator Ball/Engine

    Hi Guys, Here's an original Liberator Ball/Engine that was made at the time of the show at BBC Visual Effects Department, but never used !! This has been kindly loaned to me by friend/colleague Mike Tucker. I remember it being around at Vis/Efx over 25 years ago... It's obviously made from vac...
  11. MoonbaseAlpha

    Orac's Relay

    Hi guys, I made a replica Orac years ago, and I decided I wanted a few add ons. ;) So I went for the short range relay from the season 4 episode Orbit. I've got some of the correct colour Perspex, so just went for it... :) It only took about 2 days, but was very pleased with it !!! The one pain...
  12. MoonbaseAlpha

    Captain Kremmen

    Hi guys, I always remembered this from my youth. It's Captain Kremmen from the 1978 Kenny Everett show. There was a model spaceship used very quickly, but is so obvious what kit it was made from. Have a look at this, the model is right at the beginning of the clip. If you guess it within 2...
  13. MoonbaseAlpha

    Rani's bits

    Hi guys, I was thinking the other day that the Rani never had a sonic screwdriver, so I thought I'll have a go. I've got a Tom Baker version, so I thought I'll use that. I just used tape, so it can all be removed. And was quite happy with the result. :) Then I thought she should have an...
  14. MoonbaseAlpha

    Roy Kinnears costume

    Hi guys, Gary asked me to put up his new acquisition. hi andy ,would you be able to post this photo of roy kinnears costume from gold on the transporter website. this costume came about thanks to facebook, a blakes 7 fan ,who,s name is april saw my costumes on facebook and said i have the roy...
  15. MoonbaseAlpha

    Making B7 101

    Hi Guys, Not sure if you have seen this... Kevin Jon Davies has recently put part 1 of 3 of his 2002 documentary on Blakes 7 on Youtube. This section is approx 40mins long. This was made by Kevin for the BBC for use on DVD's ect, but only clips were used. Lets hope that the other two sections...
  16. MoonbaseAlpha

    Are you my Mummy...

    Are you my Mummy...? Hi guys, Here's some pics of an original gas mask from Doctor Who. It needs a little tlc (refurb) but not much. I always thought they were made from a Russian gas mask. But they are not, they are properly moulded from latex, the front bit is just a bean tin, cut down...
  17. MoonbaseAlpha

    B7 Federation Officer V

    Hi guys, As asked for on another thread, here's pics and measurements for the Fed Officer V. It's very well made, the middle V is is double pieces of leather, sandwiched together. A 26.5cm B&C 39cm D 37cm E 2.5cm F 5cm Hope you enjoy. Andy H.
  18. MoonbaseAlpha

    Erm... Liberator up for sale... again !!!

    Hi guys, Phil (Exterminator) gave me the heads up on this ! Well looks like the same bloke is at it again, this time he wants a 100 grand !!! From the description it seems like he's still not had...
  19. MoonbaseAlpha

    The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

    Hi Guys, I don't know if you have seen this but it is really funny and has a stella cast, Directed by Peter Davison. Well worth a look, maybe several to spot everyone :thumbup: Andy H.
  20. MoonbaseAlpha

    Halloween gorey Stuff

    Hi guys, Happy Halloween to you all !!! The other day I was looking through a cupboard and found an interesting prop. It's a neck prosthetic of a decapitated head. It was attached to a actors neck and his body was hidden under a false floor. This was used for a BBC comedy programme called...