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  1. Dave

    Space Models Original Plans

    Interesting find in the loft of the Space Models director, who died recently:
  2. Dave

    Full Size R2D2

    Always fancied having a full size R2D2, so bit the bullet and build one. Not quite finished, but still makes quite the talking point for any visitors!
  3. Dave

    Adam Savage's kit bash Adam Savage uses an Airfix Eagle when kit bashing a scratchbuilt spaceship!
  4. Dave

    Through The Keyhole

    Caught a bit of 'Through The Keyhole' on ITV last night - the show where you have to guess what celebrity home is being shown. One of the homes was Martin Roberts (presenter of 'Homes Under The Hammer'). Look what he had in his home: Along with some familiar toys:
  5. Dave

    Barry Gray Music Samples

    I love spotting music tracks that have sampled something else within them. For a bit of fun here's a few that I've come across that some recognisable tracks within them (some more subtle than others).
  6. Dave

    Idris Elba

    Saw a show on ITV last night called "You saw them here first". They showed Idris Elba's first TV roll on Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct, as a pizza delivery man!
  7. Dave

    Britain's Got Talent

    Watched Britain's Got Talent the other night, where they had this guy dancing with drones in a spacesuit. Couldn't help notice one of the spacesuit's badges...
  8. Dave

    Barry Gray Night

    Heard an advert on Radio 2 today for a 2 hour show on Radio 6, this coming Sunday evening, dedicated to the music of Barry Gray: :thumbup:
  9. Dave

    Master Models

    Came across some shots taken at Master Models during the production of the Gerry Anderson shows. I don't believe I've ever seen these before... Note the metal foil lower left of the picture. Seen this one before, but note the used Schermuly rocket tubes in the back of Zero X:
  10. Dave

    The Japanese really love Gerry Anderson

    I know the Japanese have a soft spot for Gerry Anderson shows, but came across this Manga show called 009-1. There's loads of familiar looking vehicles in it...
  11. Dave

    Filmed in Supermarionation on TV

    Just flicking through the channels and came across Filmed in Supermatrionarion on 'Sky Arts' (channel 121):)
  12. Dave

    Thunderbirds Blooper

    Just watched 'Great TV Mistakes' on BBC 3. They showed a Thunderbirds Blooper that I'd never seen before. An operator's hand is clearly shown holding Tin Tin's body just after Scott is shot down at the beginning.
  13. Dave

    Eagle - Millennium Falcon

    I've heard before about the original Millennium Falcon from Star Wars had to be changed, as it resembled the Eagle, but came across these clips by accident. Nice to hear it from the model makers themselves...
  14. Dave


    Just watched a prog called 'Collectaholics' on BBC. A guy on there had a (small) collection of Eagles!
  15. Dave

    Star Wars Episode 7

    Anyone seen the trailer yet? All I can say is - "Woah! It looks like the film's going to be much better than I'd imagined!!" :thumbup:
  16. Dave

    Looks Familiar?

    I recognise this from something, but cant put my finger on it...
  17. Dave

    Gerry Anderson mash-up in new TV ad .

    Saw an advert on TV last night for the new Mercedes car. Can you spot the Anderson show...;)
  18. Dave

    Thunderbird 4

    Haven't built anything for well over a year now and trying to get back into it. Thought I'd start with something, ahem, straightforward. At least I thought it would be straightforward - Thunderbird 4. Printed out the profile pictures to a decent size for the model. and then carved the master...
  19. Dave

    Space 1999 mentioned on TV

    Caught a bit of a show last night called "How TV Ruined My Life" on BBC 2 and they had a few clips from Space 1999 (Breakaway) showing the 'bleak' future that was painted back then.