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  1. RCnut

    Studio scale UFO Interceptor

    Been working on this for a few weeks now.
  2. RCnut

    Doppleganger Dove

    Progress on the Dove.... Just a few bits to go then its ready. A couple of early build shots included.
  3. RCnut

    Shado Ubermobile (Update)

    Past couple of weeks I been doing this as well as finishing off my ss SPV Kit. I've had a yen to do this for a while, So here it is.
  4. RCnut

    S2M 30 inch Angel interceptor Kit Build

    Re released this now and building one for display
  5. RCnut


    Well here it is, 1st straight out of the mould, 2nd cleaned the flash off. Now to make all the rest of the bits
  6. RCnut

    Studio scale Thunderbird 4 1965

    As well as the TB1 I was asked to do this, Its about 2 feet long and has water jets for surface running
  7. RCnut

    Thunderbird 1 22 inch Hero Model

    Well since the cats out of the bag, I think its tme I blew a trumpet or two. This is the Thunderbird 1 for the 3 new episodes. Its a tad under 22 inches long.
  8. RCnut


    Sneek Peek :)
  9. RCnut

    Doppelganger Dove SSM

    Started this a few days ago, Will do what it says on the tin, 2 feet long ish. Early days :)
  10. RCnut

    New UFO Shadomobile

    I'm re tooling and adding to the old offering. Just Started by making masters for the chassis, If I can I might do the wheels and tracks as well.
  11. RCnut

    6 Foot Skydiver Build

    Well here it goes, It had to be done and I'm going to do it. This is the Sky1 being scribed, Not much point in posting to much of this part of the build as its the same as the first one (Wing in pic) Finish the scribing and the start the Diver section.
  12. RCnut

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all you lovely people out there in Modeler land:yes::clap::lol:
  13. RCnut

    Sky1 "Flying Version" EDF power

    Well Here we go again, I had a set of wings from an old defunct project so I thought I'd have a go at a flying version, The wingspan is wider than scale (33 inch) but still looks ok and will no doubt help with lift, The wing section is semi symetrical so will generate a fair amount of...
  14. RCnut

    Sky1 Stand Alone Build

    OK ok I here you say, not another one.... but Its my birthday today so I get to do what I want lol. Anyway, I'm building a Biggie and hope I can do the original Justice so over we go to the pics of what I have done since Monday. Last 2 are just to show the size difference lol.
  15. RCnut

    Stingray New build

    Today I laid the foundation for my next build, a 32 inch Stingray sub, Its not as big as some peeps wanted it but I considered it for a while and decided that a 40mm jet in it would propel it thru the water in a very speedy manner giving the builder the option of dynamic diving or static. The...
  16. RCnut

    Skydiver 5 foot build

    Heres where I am with this, Just got hold of 2 Graupner 40mm water jets and have to install them, once this is done then its a matter of adding all the surface detail. Need to get some brushless motors as the 700bbs really drink up the juice.
  17. RCnut

    S2M Shadomobile build

    My Mobile as it stands...or sits as of this afternoon. Most if not all the cab greeblies are on so just a few bits to do on the main hull. I wont be adding underchin detail for obvious reasons:no: And the back is a bit more solid in case I back into a unseen hazard.:cry:
  18. RCnut

    Mig 242!!! More Distractions?

    Whilst casting an Angel for a customer I thought...."I've allways Liked that Mig from Joe90, so I did one for myself, A casting with a view to converting one into the 242. Alas I am lacking in good reference pics for it, I have the DVD comming for screen grabs but was wondering if anyone has any...
  19. RCnut

    At it again!!!!!

    This week I started on another Studio scale Shadomobile, yes I know:lol: Anyway, this one is having Machined Steel swing arms and adjustable Idlers. Im thinking about internal spring dampers as well. This time I'm following the accepted (so it seems) specs and thus may be taking moulds to...
  20. RCnut

    Bladerunner 1/8 Spinner build

    As most of you guys know I started this in 1992, its been on and off since then. Well now it will be done.