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  1. Crimson Binome

    bye SF&F modeller

    Sad to hear that issue 45 of SF&F modeller will be the last That's two collections of these I have now and were always inspirational with articles and great images of model builds
  2. Crimson Binome


    Anyone picked up the Atlas Edition TB2? Got mine on Saturday - nice especially for £2.99 plus tiny TB4 or free when you order TB1 ! It easily beats the corgi or matchbox versions
  3. Crimson Binome

    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone on ETF had a great Christmas all the best for 2017
  4. Crimson Binome

    Robert Harrop too expensive

    so I made my own version with at Vivid sound tech Tb2 & 4 ;)
  5. Crimson Binome

    Merry Christmas Happy holidays

    Merry Christmas Happy holidays to all ETF members hope we all get loads of Anderson inspired gifts:thumbup:
  6. Crimson Binome

    Moonbase Alpha operational date

    I thought I would share the fact that Moonbase Alpha is "featured" in the Ernest Cline novel Armada - now as it is full of pop culture references it mentions that in the book context their MBA went operational in September 1988 - now I was thinking it would have been better to make it Sept...
  7. Crimson Binome

    What no events happening in 2015

    How do we get a 2015 set up
  8. Crimson Binome

    Farewell Robbie's designer

    Sad news Robert Kinoshita, production designer and art director who designed the iconic robots for the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and the 1960s TV series Lost in Space, has died. He was 100. Passed away 9th Dec. Both classic Robots will keep his designs with us
  9. Crimson Binome

    Steven Moffat

    Was in Glasgow today - Buchanan Street and spotted Steven Moffat and family walking past Really wanted to ask why he is so interested in CLARA character and intention of killing off Dr Who:rant: (but I didn't) Anyone else "enjoying" his stories :(
  10. Crimson Binome

    Glasgow modelfest

    Glasgow Modelfest Saturday 18th October Bellahouston Leisure Centre G52 1HH I have a friend from Barrow IPMS who says he is taking his 44" Eagle to this one hope to see him and it there
  11. Crimson Binome

    Star Wars Rebels on Disney

    Have you caught up with the Rebels shorts on Disney ? not to sure as yet:( as it’s a bit Disney movie with wise cracking teens and dopey stormtroopers don’t get me started on the British accents on all imperials either…. It sttarets for real on Disney in UK next Friday Think Clone wars had a...
  12. Crimson Binome

    The new Doctor Who

    Not sure on the new Doctor Who – Capaldi is great with the lines but the stories have been weak or very convoluted:wtf: in a Moffat way last week’s was only worth a second view to spot Absalom Daak in the list of criminals!! Think the Doctor needs to be the lead not Clara It will need to pick...
  13. Crimson Binome

    Glasgow comic-con SECC

    Glasgow comic-con SECC Sept 6-7th Now over two days this was the one that caused massive queues last year not sure of the guest list for this one though
  14. Crimson Binome

    Good old Chris

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning while scanning radio for some decent tunes without adverts and Chris Evans R2 show was opened with Joe 90 theme Brightened my morning trip to work - well done that man:thumbup: Is this his normal start and does he play any other themes?
  15. Crimson Binome

    Collectormania Glasgow

    Collectormania Galsgow this month end Aug 23-24th at Braehead Arena I am still clearing out so got a table
  16. Crimson Binome

    How many Eagles... we have between the membership? I know we have tried to track the PE 23" editions but how many do we have in our combined collections :think: 1 PE 23" eagle Transporter 5 PE 12" Transporter Freighter Rescue LAB VIP 3 Dinky's Green White Blue 2 Airfix 1 Imai boxed 2 Comet mini metal 3...
  17. Crimson Binome


    How come I can see some albums in the gallery section but others state I need to be an AMC member to view, last one I got this on was Transporter's :?
  18. Crimson Binome

    Collectormania Glasgow

    Its that time of year again Collectormania is on at Braehead 24th 25th Aug Main guests are Lance Henrikson and David Warner (IMO) I've been having a trawl through my stuff and going to try for a table next week so intend to be there :) (not taking my Eagles)
  19. Crimson Binome

    Toy Hunter

    Anyone else been catching Toy Hunter on UK channel Quest There are some classic Mego super heroes, Star Wars- so far I've spotted the occasional big 80's Thunderbird toys and there are some with Corgi collections batman Hornet etc but Monday's episode had the Space 1999 chest radio in a box...
  20. Crimson Binome

    Model zone

    Was in Model zone this weekend in Glasgow to discover big liquidation of stock signs 20% of nearly everything. Looks like they and Parent Amerang have gone into administration Another model out let gone? :(